Dear editor,

I would like to thank Don & Meredith Griffiths for voicing their concern over vandalism on ACND property. Let me assure them and all concerned citizens that vandalism is also a concern of the District, and steps have already been taken to address this problem.

Vandals prefer to their do shameful deeds in the dark of the night, therefore the District now has eyes and ears at night in the Beach Park with a hot line to the Rockport police department to report any suspicious activities.

How much lighting is enough? That question is all ready a topic of discussion and as appropriate areas for additional lighting are identified, additional lighting will be installed, but the question is how much is enough? As for as surveillance equipment goes the District already has surveillance cameras in operation in appropriate areas. It needs to be noted that most of the vandalism which takes place on District property, takes place inside of our public restrooms where surveillance equipment is obviously inappropriate.

Let me state as a personnel matter, I realize in todays society surveillance of law abiding citizens by the police has become a common practice, even in regard to matters of vandalism, it is something I could never condone on District property and I doubt that our police department would condone it either. Let me assure the citizens of Aransas County of two additional things, the District will prosecute vandals to the full extent of the law and that the District is taking other appropriate measures to catch those who vandalize public property, measures which at this should remain with in District.

The best measure that can be taken to stop vandalism is this, when you see suspicious activity or vandalism immediately call the Rockport police at 361-729-1111, don’t wait until the next day, by then it’s too late.

Malcolm Dieckow

Chairman, Aransas County Navigation District

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