Dear editor:

As a board member of the Rockport Little Theater (RLT), I want to thank you for your recent column in The Rockport Pilot.

RLT is trying so hard to get back, and do what we can to impress the residents of our town with our productions.

Your words were so kind and encouraging.  I’m so glad you enjoyed Oliver!  We did too!

We hope you enjoy the next production, as well. You might even consider auditioning!

Thank you, again.

Kay Clifton

Dear editor:

I am the president of the Community Committee for The Boys and Girls Club of Aransas County, formerly known as The Aransas County Youth Center. A few years ago I began this crusade to build an outlet for the youth of Aransas County. It was a long journey and very hard at times, but the passion was always there.

I then began searching for a special group of people who would have the same vision I have and work towards the same goal.

I met Rocksand Maese, Don Maese and Tina Brittain, and they had a passion for bettering our community for our youth, as well. We worked tirelessly every day and evening coming up with a plan to put this effort into motion. In a short while, after many came and left for various reasons, we put together an amazing team in Kathy Myers, Shelly Sammons, Ronnie Sparks, Dana Simpson, Christopher Rue and Bridgette Rue. I could not ask for a better team to soar with. Each of them has given an amazing effort to make this happen for our community.

On Thursday, May 2 we entered a contractual agreement with the Boys and Girls Club of Beeville to become The Boys and Girls Club of Aransas County.

Our main goal is to give our youth a place where they can have a safe haven after school and on weekends, as opposed to running the streets or being stuck at home with no type of outlet. We want a place that is structured with supervision, tutors, skilled trade teachers, and coaches. A place where our youth can learn and participate in art, woodwork, mechanics, book clubs, sports, plant and animal programs, and most of all, be able to learn teamwork, responsibility and respectability towards adults, as well as other children. It is structured so we know and trust our children are safe. We also want a program where kids, as a supervised group, go out into the community and do something to give back to the community, whether it’s picking up trash at the beach, painting fences, helping clean up empty lots, or anything that has to do with giving back to the community.

This is the kind of structure we would like to see. We will be holding many fundraisers, volunteering for many events, and searching for sponsors.

We can’t do it without help from our community, so we hope you all will join us in this journey to better our community for the future. We would love to see your kids involved in all we are doing. Remember, in order to build a community, you must first start with a foundation.

“Lift As You Climb.”

Timothy Sparks

(Editor’s note: Contact Myers at (361) 935-5787 for more information regarding The Boys and Girls Club of Aransas County.)

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