Dear editor,

The time has come to put aside the blame for the deplorable events of Wednesday, January 6. The fault for the egregious acts can be laid at the feet of all of us. Let the law and the courts assign guilt and access the appropriate punishment.

Hindsight doesn’t help. However, if the Democrats had not begun impeachment proceedings at the very beginning of Trump’s term, he and the Republicans would not have felt the need to go on the defensive from the outset. Consequently the Republicans in Congress allowed Trump to commit ever escalating fallacious acts until he was wont to say, “I’m the President. I have the power to do whatever I want.” Another lie.

It is the beginning of a new year. It is time to stop the finger-pointing and open our hands to assist those in need. Join with President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris in making this the UNITED States of American. To quote a famous American: The sun is shining and “It’s morning in America again.”

Marsha Lawrence

Dear editor:

There are many things that perplex me from time to time. Here is the latest for someone much smarter than me to answer. In our house, the computer and the cell phones undergo updates about every 10 days. If they go through updates constantly, why would anyone ever need another computer or cell phone? I asked Google and it told me to mind my own business.

Jack Wright

Dear editor:

On Friday, my wife and I left at 4:30 a.m. and drove to Robstown in an attempt to get vaccinated. We arrived there at 5:30 a.m. to find 400 or more cars ahead of us. As a result, we did not get our shots.

Meanwhile, a friend told me the VA had called him to see if he wanted an appointment to get the vaccine.  It made me realize that folks like us who are over 70, retired and without connections, have no advocate here.

I checked the Aransas County website to see what remedy it offered, and it basically said you have to go to Corpus Christi and get in line.

Somebody in this county needs to step up and show some advocacy and leadership. I suggest county leaders establish a clearinghouse, which will coordinate and schedule vaccinations. One then could pre-register and set an appointment. For those who are not computer-literate, the county should establish a location where one could pre-register in person. Then, when the vaccine becomes available, the county would initiate scheduling and folks would not have to chase all over the country trying to get the shot.

David Murrah

Dear editor:

We recently had our COVID-19 vaccines at South Texas Family Planning and I must say the organization was superior.  For a first time operation we found it amazing, from the time we drove up until we were told we could leave was just a little over 30 minutes.  Way to go!  Thank you!

Vicki Buck

Dear editor:

I want to thank Robert Griffin who saw me picking up glass and cans from a trash bag I hit with my car, and he stopped to help me.

Also, a lady coming out of her driveway asked to drive me across the highway to safety, then agreed to just watch while I walked over until safe.

May God bless these to kind people.

Kate Perry

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