Pancake time

The famous pancake griddle that only made paper-thin pancakes.

My parents reached the point recently were they wanted their children to go through their two houses and select what they wanted. All families reach this point, and all the children and grandchildren who participate in such events will one day be the parents, doing the same thing.

I am blessed that my parents are still in relatively good health at 91 and “almost” 91 years of age, and that they wanted to share this experience with us. As I’ve noted before in this space, they are residents in a nursing home in New Braunfels.

This past weekend all us kids and mom and dad met at “The Well” and “Granny’s Haus.” Us (60-plus-year-old) kids got together for supper Friday night, without our parents, and then again Sunday morning, into the early afternoon. The whole day Saturday we were together with our parents.

Amazingly, we made it through both houses, primarily due to focusing on the job at hand, the desires of our parents, and the great work my older brother did chronicling everything in every room of both homes during three prior trips.

So many memories were shared, and (happy) tears shed, as stories were told about one item or another.

We all joke that my mother kept just about everything she ever owned. But I must give her credit. Everything was pretty organized.

One of my roles was getting my dad from the nursing home at 8 a.m. Saturday – and yes, I can get up that early. I returned 90 minutes later to pick up my mom after the staff got her ready for the long day ahead.

With my father sporting his walker, and my mother in her high-octane wheelchair, we commenced to go through everything.

After picking up my dad Saturday morning, I shared that we had gone through the garage the night before, as instructed.

“Did you find the wagon?” he asked.

“Yes dad, and I claimed it!” I said.

A big smile stretched across his face as he shared his recollections of pulling our two daughters and their cousin to the park in that same wagon many years ago.

Incredibly, the wagon is still in great shape, and ready for use with our grandchildren.

Another new possession is the pancake griddle my brother and I used back in the 60s in El Paso when staying up late on weekends. Our pancakes looked more like crepes because we apparently never read the part in the Betty Crocker cookbook about “adding baking powder.”

I know most everyone reading this knows the exact cookbook I’m referring to.

I think my mom had three copies!

My wife and I “Beverly Hillbillies” packed up about half of what we picked out, and headed home early Sunday afternoon. Another trip to New Braunfels, but this time to meet up with my parents and their grandkids, will close another chapter in the life of two great human beings – my parents.

It was such a joy to do this while my parents are living. I know they enjoyed it, as well.

I could go on and on about this past weekend. I am so lucky to have so many good “growing up” memories, as well as the opportunity to participate in this important part of my parent’s life.

I pray each of you have the opportunity to have a similar experience – as the giver, or receiver.

Until next week, have a good week!

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