Dear editor:

Your column in the Jan. 27 edition asked if we had stayed calm for Harvey, and suggested we should stay calm while awaiting our COVID vaccination.

I like to plan ahead and control my fate as much as possible. To that end, I evacuated a day early as Harvey was approaching since I did not want to be in a rush of traffic heading inland if a mandatory evacuation was required. Since it was, I then headed from San Angelo to my daughter’s home in Golden, CO, until the power was restored.

At 81 years of age I do not want to be in my car in a line for hours while awaiting vaccination in Robstown. I would rather make an appointment or at least get on a waiting list rather than playing whack-a-mole with overloaded websites such as Walgreens.

Since I will continue to hunker down at least until this summer, I would patiently wait until younger folks who are contributing to our country, and who will be doing so in the future, receive their vaccinations.

However, the Governor has announced the waiver for renewing driver’s licenses will end April 14. Therefore, I have an appointment at the DPS office in Aransas Pass March 8 to renew my license that expired in July. I hope to have at least the first shot by then, or I will need to reschedule that appointment.

It would suit me if the Governor was to extend the waiver because of the delays in administering vaccinations, but I do not expect to see such an announcement in The Pilot.

Stay healthy,

Edmond E. Bates, Jr.

P.S – With the confirmation of the new Secretary of State, we now have Winken (VP), Blinken and Nod (POTUS) leading our country.

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