Last Wednesday I published a picture of a shell found in local waters by Melanie Leal Debuttes. She didn’t believe the shell is usually found in our area, so we asked people to respond if they knew anything about it, as in where its type is generally found.

I received a call Monday from Mary Anne Melody. She said, “We lived in the Marshal Islands in the 80s and we saw that type of shell.

“It’s called a killer clam (or giant clam).”

So there, mystery solved … unless someone else contacts me with a different story!

There is no reason for me not to believe what Melody said, but it did bring up another question to which I have no answer.

How did a killer clam get into local waters?

Lots of changes

As I get older I appreciate some of the things I have access to that I didn’t have access to 50 years ago, but it’s not all good.

I like the positive aspects of social media, but think it will ultimately aid in the destruction of our country, from within, and probably the entire world due to its affect on our brains, and the end of all things that are actually social – like face-to-face communication with another human being.

Most couples don’t talk to each other like they once did because they are so self-absorbed in their little screens.

Don’t even get me started talking about family discussions around the dinner table, or at restaurants.

Praying before meals? I bet the percentage of people that pray before eating is in the low single digits.

I also bet eating dinner together as a family and talking - not watching TV, or being glued to cell phones sitting in the place once reserved for a knife, fork, or spoon – is too old school for most “modern” families.

The social media giants have way too much power, and are controlling speech it doesn’t like. The reasons for doing so wouldn’t stand up in any court of law.

Oh, but wait, they’re free from worrying about silly laws that control all other media, thanks to special “carve outs” in the law just for them, provided by corrupt politicians who receive millions in campaign funds from tech giants.

We will freely give up someone else’s First Amendment rights because we are too addicted to social media.

There’s no rhyme or reason to ban former President Donald Trump, but allow terrorists (i.e. – Taliban leaders), Louis Farrakhan, and other radicals access to their platforms.

Social media giants don’t apply their “guidelines” equally, and everyone knows this … including Never Trumpers. There is absolutely no rational argument that can be made for “cancelling” the former President, and keeping radical left wing voices purring.

Please, don’t show your ignorance by saying Trump caused the Jan. 6 insurrection, which was not an insurrection. Look at Afghanistan if you want to see what insurrection really is.

If watching innocent Americans sit in jail for their actions Jan. 6 is okay with you, and letting murderers and rapists out of jail is okay, as well, but you cringe at the thought of Americans stuck behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, you might want to try to explain (to yourself only) how those three beliefs can be held in the same head.

If you hate Trump, other conservative voices, or any voice for that matter, and think it’s okay to arbitrarily silence such voices … think long and hard about it.

The end result will not be good.

China and other Communist countries do things like that. It didn’t happen so blatantly in the United States, until recent years.

Such actions have skyrocketed since the day Trump initially announced he was seeking the Presidency.

He threw a wrench in the “grand plan” to fundamentally change the United States.

After four years of Trump, the machine is grinding away with actions such as ignoring our southern border, spending trillions of dollars on things that will only make supporters rich, and saying to hell to our nation’s sovereignty, and everything that made our country great in the first place.

Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter, the 1619 Project and radical progressive thought will not stand the test of time (I pray) because they are all based on lies. Just follow the money.

We are being “directed” in life by unseen algorithms, and we’re addicted to that invisible guidance as much as an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol, or a drug addict is addicted to drugs.

We can’t use our own brains anymore, because they are no longer developed for critical thinking.

We blindly follow ideology.

I hate where we’re heading in our country, but we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

The mirror doesn’t lie.

Difference in time

If you’re above the age of 50 you can probably relate to the following “then and now” snippets by moms:

Mom now: “That word is inappropriate.”

Mom then: “Say that again and I’ll wash your mouth out with soap.”


Mom now: “Good job trying one bite of the dinner I made. Now you can have Mac & Cheese.”

Mom then: “You’ll eat what I make, whether you like it or not, and it you don’t eat it, you go hungry. There are starving children in the world.”


Mom now: “I can see you’re upset. Take a deep breath and use your words.”

Mom then: “You better stop crying or I’ll really give you something to cry about.”


Mom now: “You can’t walk around the block by yourself. I’ll drive you. Text me when you need a ride.”

Mom then: “You want to go out? Ride your bike. Be home before dark.”


Mom now: “I packed your Bento Box with almond butter on whole grain, kale chips, and an organic smoothie.”

Mom then: “Take a brown bag with a bologna sandwich on Wonder Bread. Grab a Twinkie and a Hawaiian Punch, too.”

Final thought

Organic food is fine in my book. It doesn’t, however, create a “well-rounded” child. If your kid eats organic, but spends most of his or her time sitting in front of the big screen, or little screen, then you may very well end up with, well, (a) “round” child.

Make your kid go outside … and stay there a while!

The natural (organic) Vitamin D will do him or her good!

(Note: You might have to explain what those little salty water beads are on their skin.)

I guess my age is showing … but you’ll see. Just wait.

Don’t ever forget, while you’re busy trying to give your kids what you didn’t have, don’t forget to give them what you did have.

If one doesn’t understand that, here’s a hint – It has nothing to do with material things.

Until next week, have a good week … and get a good night’s rest!

Mike Probst can be reached at

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