Dear editor:

It’s been awhile since I’ve read one of your editorials. A friend had me read your last one. It confirmed my decision years ago to cancel my subscription.

I am a retired teacher and taught many years at Fulton Elementary and Rockport Middle School. I often disagreed with your opinions, but the newspaper covered the school activities so I was able to put my dismay at your Christian bias and support of all things Republican to the side.

This is too important to let your views on Trump’s racism go unanswered. Do you even watch his rallies? His manipulation of the ignorant (not stupid) fans who attend them is so familiar to me. They remind me of the efforts of evangelical ministers who whip their believers into a frenzy of fear and unshakable belief they are god’s chosen.

I saw it when I was a girl at my church camp when I was 12 and I see it now in this man. He is dangerous.

How anyone can believe this person knows what’s best for our country is beyond my ability to understand. His lack of morals is obvious to all except those, like you, who defend him. His mockery of a handicapped reporter was the same bullying I saw at the middle school and stopped when I observed it. His mistreatment of women is legendary and well documented. His failings are there for the world to see. His lies and the hypocrisy of those who excuse them are clear to anyone who can think critically.

The recent tape recording of Reagan laughing with Nixon about the “monkeys” makes it clear that many of us were ignorant of our leaders’ racism. Ignorance is not a crime, but willfully defending someone who has shown us in so many ways that he is a disaster for our country is indefensible. He most certainly is a racist.

History will reveal his infamy and look harshly on those who chose to turn a blind eye to it.

Janice Maczko

Bartlesville, OK

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Janice Maczko is right on target. Thank you Janice!

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