Dear editor:

Do black lives matter? I believe they do because God created all lives, so therefore all lives matter. That is why I became a pastor 36 years ago. I went to Black River Police Academy in upstate New York. I’ve pastored three churches in my lifetime, and was the chaplain in the Oswego, New York Sherriff’s Department, as well as in the Aransas County Sheriff’s Department when I moved here 20 years ago. I also was the chaplain for the D.V.S. here in Rockport. My heart went out to law enforcement officers knowing they wondered if they would go home to their families after their shift was over.

While I was a chaplain for eight years here in Rockport I wrote articles in The Rockport Pilot called “The Chaplain’s Corner”. Articles about how to know if your teenager is on drugs, how to handle the loss of a family member or dear friend, no mater how long it might take for different people, it’s OK. I wrote an article about dispatchers and all they have to go through at times.

At the beginning of this article I said all lives matter, even men and women who are in our jails and prisons. As a chaplain in upstate New York I went to visit two penitentiaries and got to talk to some inmates there. Even their lives mattered. When I found out that First Baptist Church had a jail ministry, I go involved. According to the Bible, all lives matter, that’s why Jesus Christi went to the cross to die so that if they believe in him they would have eternal life. At the jail when we visited we asked every man and women, “Do you know for sure where you are going to spend eternity?” Only one out of a 100 said, “I don’t care.” Then I would tell them how they can get to Heaven. I pray everyone will want to know the answer to that question.

“Where are you going to spend eternity?”

I believe “All lives matter.”

Gordon Bellinger

Pastor and Chaplain

Dear editor:

(Many) medical doctors and the American Medical Association have failed the American people. They are hiding in their big homes and doing patient visits via Teladoc. Are you kidding? What good is that? Their direction for sick patients with symptoms is to get a COVID-19 test and if positive, you’re directed to stay home for 14 days, but go to the hospital if you get worse.

Why aren’t they attempting to help? This is a pandemic. Where are they? All they and the media are tying to do is scare people into hiding. Yes, they are literally scaring patients to death.

Why aren’t they providing any of the possible treatments for this virus? The medicines that will help are out there and readily available. Why are they telling patents if you get sick go to the hospital? Once they go to the hospital it may already be to late. Early treatment is the key.

They are supposed to try to help patients get well.

Taking a chance on Hydroxychloroquine with antibiotics and zinc or the inhaled steroid Pulmicort or Dexamethasone is a better option than go home and die or go to the hospital and die. So, why aren’t doctors at least attempting to help?

My sister died July 3, 2020 of complications of COVID-19. She followed her doctor’s advice on June 12, had chest x-ray and was given a prescription for antibiotics because she had pneumonia. No directions to get a COVID test. That was a death sentence. She was hospitalized June 22 and died July 3.

Yes, she had pre-existing conditions, but she might have lived if her doctor would have said get a test and then at least tried Hydroxychloroquine, or at least said go the hospital earlier.

I can never see her again. Her children and grandchildren can never hug her again.

This is a pandemic and hospitals are being overrun. A three-day wait after arriving in the hospital, before any treatment was administered was basically a death sentence. Then, of course, intubating is no more than putting a human down like an animal.

People, please demand the early treatment of Hydroxychloroquine or the inhaled steroid Pulmicort or something. Especially if you have a fever or cough, demand help. Don’t let doctors give you a death sentence. There are treatments that help.

There are a few dozen doctors in Texas and around the country I’ve read about and seen interviews that are successfully using these treatments on patients with early symptoms and they get better immediately. No, it is not a cure, but it is assisting in recovery without requiring hospitalization.

Please do not be scared to ask for and demand treatment or find a doctor that will help you. Hospitals are not the answer, early out patient treatment is.

Doctors, please get out from behind your computer cameras and assist the American people to recover from this virus and leave Trump and politics out of our medicine. All lives matter regardless of skin color, age, religion and pre-existing conditions

Please help us.

Betty Cook

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