Dear editor:

To further add comment to my letter in the Jan. 11 edition of The Rockport Pilot, how is the amount of water going to be sourced, which is necessary for a $2 billion dollar steel manufacturing plant, plus an ethylene cracking plant that’s the largest in the world?

If the effluent discharge from the steel plant is 1.54 million gallons per day, assume the total water used probably amounts to 2-3 times the effluent, considering vaporization in heat processing. The water required is staggering for both plants.

Assume a large production water well output is 1,000 gallons per minute. That means 2-3 huge wells drawing on our base water table, displacing that amount of water each day. Our local water table will be drawn down quickly, unless their solution is the newly planned desalination plant, again with more effluent into our bay system.

These are extremes that require all citizens to pay more for home use, and affects our home value and cost of living.

Our sub-tropical heat and population needs threaten our water supply every year, requiring stages of rationing.

Answers please, TCEQ?

Gary Gilbert

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