Dear editor:

I received the news of the death of Ed Boyd in typical low-key Ed Boyd fashion. He seemed to always fly under the radar, not wanting glare or glamour. I had to learn of Ed’s death through informal notification from a friend and not by way of public announcement. Ed would have wanted it that way.

Ed was a long time resident of Rockport and was a very gentle, unassuming and humble man.

Chances are if you weren’t part of the art community you might not have known who Ed Boyd was. He was an artist that created the most unique and wonderful scrap vinyl art pieces.

Under that sometimes unkempt look he would present to you, there dwelled a great artist. Ed would create artistic pieces of color, composition and style out of small strips of colored vinyl.

With three little pieces of colored vinyl he would fashion a young girl’s face or a forlorn seagull.

And these wouldn’t just look like a simple face or a simple bird, these images would all have a personality! He would translate a mess of oyster boat wires, nets and boards into a sleek composition of black vinyl lines against a colorful sky.

He was an artistic magician who took these minimalist vinyl images and created a final composition that wasn’t just a picture made from vinyl strips, it was a true masterpiece. These pieces were right out of Ed’s uniquely artistic mind. If you saw his work you would recognize it instantly. They all had his wonderfully wonky look. They made you smile, laugh and wonder in amazement at how anyone could do that!

Thank you Ed for sharing your wonderful art with the rest of us. You made us enjoy and appreciate art for how it makes us feel. RIP ELB.

Steve Grappe

Dear editor:

Does anyone know of a phone scam that is going around? Four times today I have received a call, which comes up on my caller I.D. as myself with my own home phone number. I did not pick up on any of them. Can this be another phone scam or does anyone have an explanation for this? I receive multiple calls with numbers similar to mine e.g. 361-790-xxxx and also never pick up unless I know for sure who is calling.

Les Massingham

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