Like most of you, watching the Super Bowl with friends (for the first half at least) highlighted my weekend. I made my way home to watch the second half from the comfort of my recliner.

In a scientific study, I determined that one can actually hear the “super” commercials a lot better when watching the game at home with just your wife and two dogs!

My weekend began with a hastily called “up and back” trip to New Braunfels Saturday morning. When I got home I had the pleasure of running out to Camp Aranzazu for the Rockport Hands of Hope annual fundraiser.

We had to leave before it ended, but I imagine I would have received a call if one of my silent auction bids survived.

If you don’t know about Hands of Hope, headquartered on the grounds of First Baptist Church, I encourage you to research the organization.

Like so many groups post-Harvey, Hands of Hope has literally been the “hand of Jesus” to many who suffered after the storm.

Rockport Hands of Hope’s mission won’t end. There will always be people in need in Aransas County.

I’m glad First Baptist served as its incubator in the early going. Today, Hands of Hope is flying on its own as a separate non-profit organization.

I also had the opportunity to visit the quilt show at the high school commons during the weekend.

The quilts were beautiful, but I conducted another semi-scientific study on site and determined I will invest in one of those beautiful quilts only after our dogs head up to doggie heaven.

Before the weekend started (Friday), I attended the inaugural annual meeting of the Aransas County Partnership Economic Development Corporation.

It has been a long road developing the economic development effort in our county, but it’s one that will be extremely beneficial to all of us in the long run if everyone gets behind its mission.

We will never have smokestack industry in Aransas County, and affordable housing is not going to be the norm.

The local EDC effort will help guide us into the next decade as we continue to find our new normal, and preserve, at the same time, those things that make Rockport-Fulton an attractive place to live.

Our future is pretty exciting. We have a lot of money pouring into our community in the form of million dollar projects that never would have come our way if Harvey didn’t happen.

Harvey was bad, but the fruits produced through the hard work of so many people in our community, in so many different areas, will pay off.

Until next week, have a good week.

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