Dear editor:

First of all let me say that I know people are working hard to help citizens get the COVID 19 vaccination. My husband and I are reasonably healthy, secure in our home, haven’t lost a job, haven’t put our lives at risk in the service industry and so on. We are grateful and we will gladly stand behind those who’ve risked all to keep the wheels turning, as opposed to those who have continued to deny that the risk is real. To those I say, kindly go to the back of the line. We are in the same boat as many citizens with frustration and a desire to move on with our lives. We have followed the rules, cancelled holidays, have little or no contact with friends or family, stayed home and wear our masks correctly over nose and mouth!

Currently we are obsessed with our search for an appointment for a COVID vaccine and on those rare occasions when opportunities arise and have been ready at the precise time with fingers on both phone and computer. I don’t need to tell you what happens next. We have considered the mass clinic but that is a very challenging option. Seriously, spend 13 hours or more hours in your car on the chance the vaccine will be available?

Meanwhile in our communication with family and friends from other states, appointments are available, are seamlessly organized perhaps requiring a short drive, no endless monitoring of multiple websites, a quick in and out with a return appointment for a second dose.

Please release a fair share of vaccine to our local communities rather than confiscating the entire batch for those mass, first come-first served clinics in Corpus Christi.

Jean Payne

Dear editor:

The article “County nixes ‘original art’ exemption” which appeared in the January 27, 2021 edition of your paper incorrectly stated my comments made during the County Commissioners meeting of Jan. 25. After identifying myself as an art collector and stating that I had been one for over 30 years, I said that I had spoken with several other art collectors, friends, artists, and business owners. None of those people supported the sales tax exemption initiative proposed by the Rockport Cultural Arts District. The consensus was that when purchasing original art, the consideration of sales tax does not enter into the equation.

Thank you for printing this correction to your earlier report.


Pat Rousseau

Aransas County Commissioner Precinct 3

Dear editor:

When an 82-year old Texan can not get a COVID-19 vaccination in his own county (Aransas), something is wrong.  Instead of suggesting a need to chill and bloviating excuses (Editorial, January 27, 2021) you might want to consider taking a stand in support of the health of your readership.

C. Alan Berkebile

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