Dear editor:

All governments should make it as easy as possible to vote. Removing ballot drop boxes from areas populated by your political adversaries, shortening the number of early voting days, reducing the hours to vote, stopping the Sunday vote when many black people go “souls to the polls”, and making it complicated to vote by mail are all calculated to make it harder to vote.

The recently enacted Georgia law they say promotes vote integrity is in fact voter suppression, ticking off most of the boxes listed above. Bills that mirror the Georgia law are making their way through the Texas legislature as well as the legislatures of several other states.

You can’t vote against us if you can’t vote, seems to be the mantra.

Voting by mail should be encouraged. In a few states that’s the only way to vote. There is no evidence that voting by mail has resulted in any substantial fraud, yet the Texas legislature and the legislatures in several other states are passing laws to cure a problem that doesn’t exist.

And, how ironic that Governor Abbott refused to throw out the first pitch to start the Rangers’ season, complaining about MLB moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta.

Two major corporations with Georgia headquarters, moving out in protest of the Georgia voter suppression law, joined MLB. Voter suppression can be expensive.

Jack Cowen

Dear editor:

I am afraid I am going insane. Insanity is a disease of the mind that can cause a danger to both the general public and myself. It is a highly contagious disease.

I contacted if from watching cable news channels on TV.

It started with Trump Derangement Syndrome, but has since mutated into countless strains.

We have Critical Race Theory, which cannot stand up to critical thinking, yet continues to spread like wildfire through the student population.

Every weekend in cities across the nation, black criminals drive by shooting innocent black children. Yet activists tell me, an old white man, that black lives matter.

Whatever happened to “practice what you preach?”

I see taxes and tyranny on the rise while freedom and liberty are crushed. Common sense appears to be already dead and buried.

I feel the symptoms of depression, another contagious disease of the mind, coming on so I will no go into self-quarantine and repeat to myself, over and over again, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

David Kleis

Dear editor:

Thank you for the article you wrote (about bullies needing to be faced head on).

More power to your writing; the article was right on.

Thanks for the courage to speak up and print it. Makes me proud!

Madolyne Burnett

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