Dear editor:

This is just a short note to tell you as a publisher of the paper, you should not air your personal problems in the public newspaper. The fact that you and Tommy Moore had a run in at the public hearing is not something the public needs to know. It is personal. I could care less if you have a personal problem with Tommy. By publishing the event in the paper it appears to be a personal vendetta against Tommy Moore and is definitely not newsworthy. Fight your battles in private Mike.

Rick Kimmons

Dear editor:

Thanks for providing additional information on the incident with Moore in your Opinion piece. Best of luck in the trial. I hope you publish or opine on the results.


Keith Wisser 

Dear editor:

I expect much more from the local press than you are exhibiting. When the press becomes the news instead of reporting it you need to consider moving on. It doesn’t matter if you were provoked or not. The press has an obligation to be neutral and play it straight. You clearly are not. I have no idea what’s going on with you personally and really don’t care, but you obviously have a problem with local elected and appointed officials.

Douglas N. Smith

Dear editor:

We want to thank you for standing up for yourself. Our nation is being bullied all the time. And if we don’t stand up for ourselves we will be run over.  Kuddos to you Mike and The Rockport Pilot. Keep up the good work!

Danny and Cheryl Robinson

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