Dear editor,

I read with dismay, a letter to the editor from Les Massingham, complaining about one of our store’s behavior. The store has apparently set up an hour for seniors only to shop. Both of the bigger food stores in Rockport are chain stores and I did read that all the stores of the chain were setting up senior shopping. It may be a big plus in other towns, but we have an abundance of seniors, not only living here, but spending the winter here. To put it in perspective, we have roughly 10,000 residents, a lot are retired and we moved here in retirement years because of the town. Then, estimates are that between 6-8,000 more stay here in the winter and possibly 95% are seniors. I would not think there would be either no line or a short line at all.

Speaking of the line, just how many of those 200 people actually NEEDED toilet paper? Two or three would be my guess. Was Mr. Massingham actually down to his last couple of rolls that he needed to make that trip in the dark?

He also made the statement that the “senior citizens of Rockport deserve better than this” when they found the shelves empty. I’m confused. Does he not know that paper goods are manufactured in a factory, then usually shipped to the stores by semi-truck? A lot of things could have happened along the way, plus it could be that the shipment was not scheduled for the day before, or came in later that morning. To complain that it is the store’s fault is irrational at best. Complain to the greed and stupidity of we shoppers for causing this mess instead. These stores are trying their hardest to get product on the shelves and normally, shoppers would have no problem if people weren’t hoarding.

I think both HEB and Walmart need medals for bravery for what they have endured this past month or so. Not only have the shoppers depleted the stores beyond recognition, they have become terribly rude and sometimes violent. Have you noticed we now have to shop with the police nearby? The employees have put up with people throwing product at them, purposely rammed with carts, etc. Seriously? I hope the police and stores cite these lowlifes with assault and have them banned from the store for a long time. Every one of these employees put their life on the line when they open the doors, just for us to get food, medication and other needs. The virus has hit Aransas County, so it is dangerous for them to work. I feel we are very lucky that the stores are available and no complaints are needed.

Mr. Massingham, you seem to convey you are entitled to paper goods, simply because you are a senior. I’m afraid there isn’t much sympathy for that attitude, since we are the ones causing the problem. I think it’s time we started being part of the solution, don’t you?

Roberta Cox

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