Dear editor:

In regard to the Rockport bond issue, we’re talking a total tax increase of $3 a year. Please read on.

In the July 23 Council meeting minutes, financial advisor to the City Bob Henderson explained: “the fiscal Year 2019-2020 [Interest & Sinking (I&S)] tax rate is approximately $.1720 and the proposed CO issuance will increase the tax rate approximately $0.012 to approximately $0.185, substantially lower than in the previous fiscal year.”

Neighbors, let’s put this in context. For a residence with a tax-roll value of $250,000, that is a $3.07 annual increase in taxes per year. $3 dollars. Let that sink in. Isn’t it worth $3 a year to help our city build a new City Hall? Isn’t it worth $3 a year to have a great facility for our youth to house events and keep them safe? Isn’t it worth $3 a year to support our police with needed equipment? Isn’t it worth $3 a year to help secure the right of way for utilities to build the new Key Allegro Bridge for the safety of our residents? Isn’t it worth $3 a year to have better storm drainage and street repairs?

Let’s let our elected officials do their job. They’ve done it responsibly in our best interest for years. Derailing this bond issue will hurt our city and our residents.

I strongly urge our citizens to support our city leaders in efforts to responsibly raise needed funds through the bond issue process.

Dave Foster

Dear editor:

“Ode to Rockport”

I love Rockport:

so many things to do.

The sea, the sand,

Warm winter winds,

And a hurricane or two.

When you live by the wind,

You die by it too.

Ray Hendon

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