Dear editor:

Your editorial “Journey in faith takes multiple paths, different vessels” has prompted me to write this letter. My faith journey parallels yours in most ways with the exception I was not a preacher’s kid.

I too had the opportunity to attend the “foundational” meeting for FCA in Rockport. I believe we must reach out to the kids, and as far as that goes, to the parents where they are today, which for many is not in a church. FCA is a great way to accomplish this.

God not only roams the halls of the schools. He roams everywhere, and has asked us to love Him and our neighbors as ourselves. He loves each one of us just as we love our kids and wants to have a relationship with us. I agree 100% with your statement that we need all the tools we can obtain to succeed, and like you, my faith is the tool I have used the most to bring me to the place I am, through good times and bad.

We should support any effort such as FCA where kids can learn about God’s love and get that tool. So, what would Rockport-Fulton High School look like if more kids had that tool and knew how to use it?

Richard Hyde

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