Dear editor:

I have not traveled much since the start of COVID with many areas having limited access. The era of the zoom meeting has taken the place of the conventional face-to-face.

But, last week, I had several meetings in the capital. I usually look forward to meeting there in the center of what is one of the most beautiful areas of our state. But what I saw shocked me. The hundreds of tents under the overpasses. The filth and things I thought would never take place in our state, much less the capital.

As I made my way from place to place, the more I witnessed - people sleeping in doorways of businesses and restaurants. The terrible smell of urine and human waste filled the air. Austin, TX our beautiful capital city has fallen into what we see in other parts of the country. This is not a good trend, but dangerous and unhealthy. Many of those encountered are bold and I would consider dangerous. Beware and take warning!

Keith Barrett

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