Dear editor:

Just finished reading your column this week (5/12).

You hit the nail on the head again. Enjoyed reading your reminiscence of school days.

I am a little older than you, but I have some of the same memories (Ah ... paddles).

Teachers and coaches all had them, and used them a lot.  I use to make them in wood shop class. And we’d cut them up in little pieces if we got our hands on them.

Nobody got sued, everybody learned discipline and respect, and the coaches learned to hide their paddles.

We also said the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord’s Prayer every morning.  There was a flag in every classroom.

I have been writing to papers for a long time. I use to write to the CC Caller Times until they moved so far to the left that they wouldn’t print my letters anymore. And, I quit taking their paper (That’s not a threat.  I love your paper).  One of my favorites went something like this:

Three “R”s & Three “P”s

… And the education of our children is definitely under attack from a lot of directions.  I don’t have all the answers, but I do know the cause of the decay in education.  It is not the Three “R”s that are missing.  It is the Three “P”s that need to be reinstated into the education system (Prayer, Pledge, and Paddle).  Those were the three things that made each generation a little smarter and a little wiser than the ones before.  When the Three “P”s left the school system, they took the three “R”s with them.

I guess the three “R”s comment wouldn’t get passed the grammar police nowadays, but anyone over 60 knows what I’m talking about.

All of these (the three “P”s) were eliminated by federal government regulations and pressure from the left. The best thing the feds could do for the education system is to get out of its way.

Jimmy Carter started the Department of Energy, and the Department of Education about 55 years ago.  His reason for starting the DOE was to make the USA energy independent (Did that get a laugh?  Trump did it in four without any bureaucrats).  Not sure why he started the DOEd, but it has had about the same disastrous result, then G.W. Bush made it worse. The federal government has not fixed anything in my lifetime (and I am getting pretty darn old).

Larry Reed

I caught your May 5 article about people illegally using the ACND’s harbor dumpsters for household garbage, with Harbor Master Barrett complaining that the problem is, “... out of control” and ACND commissioners discussing legal remedies, writing tickets, etc..

Good grief.

You have visitors and citizens trying to do the right thing and they are frowned upon like criminals.

I understand the need to accommodate harbor tenants at the exclusion of Common Joe, but communities that make it difficult for people to dispose of garbage are communities with the most trash in the roads, alleys and ditches.

C’mon, Rockport - step up and provide a dumpster(s) for people to use.  ACND – can’t you provide a location?

And yes, you could still write tickets to construction contractors. They can use the county dump/transfer station.

Please, ACND - work with the city and county to find a solution to make it easier for visitors to dispose of household garbage when they are on their way out of town on Sunday; not harder.

Otherwise, we’ll all be paying for city/county employees to pick it up off the street or out on Highway 35.

Ben Jones

Dear editor:

Thanks for the excellent editorial in Wednesday’s Pilot edition. You are “spot on” about all the items that you addressed!

Keith Wisser

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