Dear editor:

Your editorial is so full of negativity, and I think you picked on everyone but D-Day veterans. I don’t have the answers, but I do know that our world is complex and full of problems, and there has not been a period of human history that has not been complex and full of problems. We can choose to live with an attitude of negativity, or choose to live with an attitude of hope. God is present in both scenarios.

God has not chosen Fox News or conservative radio as his megaphone. When one is confident about what is right or wrong, belittles teenagers, media, and politicians, parents who spank or don’t spank, scientists, government, immigrants, and sexuality – and thinks they know what the answer is - they best realize they don’t have the answer. God’s only answer is to start every question with love. God’s love then allows us to go forth in peace with charity in our hearts for all living in a world of complexity.

Lillian Anfosso

Dear editor:

I can’t say enough good things and give enough thanks to the Fulton Fire Department, the Women’s Auxiliary, and EMTs.

We were warm, fed, and well taken care of during the “Deep Freeze”. We met a lot of nice folks. Great community.

Joyce Humphreys

Nancy Frazee

Dear editor:

I just received my COVID injection (vaccine) and want to praise the planning for that procedure.

The parking was handy, everything was inside, and the military were quick, polite and patient.

Seating everywhere was spaced apart for safety.

Branches of the fire departments and EMS, etc. were handy. The small wait for medicine to thaw, then three at a time injections, the EMS staff advising a 15-minute wait, and a note to remind of the time to go, seating again, and off.

Well done! I’d forgotten how young our military guys are. Of course, at 83, all are young!

Again, thanks. Well done.

Katherine Perry

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