Dear editor:

Another tragic accident between Holiday Beach and Tivoli. I believe it is the fourth fatal head-on wreck on that stretch of road in the seven years since we retired to Rockport. We have kids and grandkids in Houston and we frequent the casinos in Louisiana so we travel that road quite often.

We also travel Hwy. 188 to Sinton quite often where there are passing lanes and always comment on how there is the need for passing lanes on Hwy. 35, north of Holiday Beach.

Following the most recent fatal accident, we have traveled that road twice in one week and carefully observed the location of the most recent accident. This wreck occurred when a northbound vehicle attempted a pass going into a right-handed curve and hit a southbound truck head on. That section of the road has NO signage indicating an approaching curve and NO solid yellow line indicating a no passing zone. The southbound vehicle could easily have been shielded from view by the vehicle he was attempting to pass in the dark.

My intent is not to lay any blame on TxDOT, but to advance the absolute need for passing lanes on this 20-mile stretch of road where the speed limit is 75 mph, the same as the stretch of Hwy. 188, between Rockport and Sinton, where there are passing lanes.

David Watson

(Editor’s note: Since this letter was received, there was another fatal accident on Hwy. 35 near Cavasso Creek, in the same general area where the accident, the author is referencing, occurred.)

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