Dear editor:

I went to view the Big Blue Crab today and was very disappointed. I understand the need to have height for the exhibit, but the fact that it is installed basically parallel to the ground makes it difficult to view the entire crab. I’m sure it must be beautiful but I’d need a drone to see the full sculpture. The pictures on the front of the Saturday edition of the Pilot show how difficult it is to get a good picture. Is it possible to tilt it slightly so the entire body could be viewed?

I hope the installation team will consider making adjustments at this time before the landscape is completed.

Lee Couch

Dear editor,

I would like to give a huge thank you to the Big Blue Crab Committee, KACB, and all private donors and volunteers who made our new crab possible. These people gave countless hours of time, energy, and personal resources to bring Rockport’s crab back for all to enjoy, and their efforts should be, and are, appreciated by many.

I’m very sorry to say that others in our town have behaved terribly, with some very bold and loud social media keyboard warriors showing a side of our citizens that makes me literally sick. The ingratitude shown by nasty comments and the relentless mockery expressed toward this project and those involved has been very hard to witness. Instead of being thankful, these people have figuratively spit in the faces of a group of generous Rockport citizens who took responsibility and worked hard for years to accomplish this huge feat. Come on, Rockport, we are better than this.

A major complaint is that the new crab does not look like the old crab. We all loved the old crab, but we need to acknowledge that the old crab was damaged very soon after its installation by a kite boarder, it’s painted surface had to be restored after only a few years, and of course, Hurricane Harvey destroyed it completely after only 5 years. As much as we loved that crab, it simply was not a robust design and construction that was destined to survive. I am not trying to bash the old crab or its builder, but we must look at the facts, and our area presents some real challenges for longevity of outdoor structures. Our new crab was designed with those challenges in mind, made from stainless steel, powder coated, and positioned so that it won’t act as a sail in high winds. Every effort was made to learn from events of the past, and to try to create a new, longer lasting crab that will withstand the elements for many years.

It’s my understanding that brick pavers, lighting, landscaping, and maybe even benches are still to come, creating a beautiful park-like setting around the crab for residents and visitors to enjoy. I hope everyone will drop the negativity and look to the future with positive anticipation of a truly beautiful new addition to our city—and please, show some appreciation for this generous gift.


Susan B. Smith

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