The loss of respect for the traditional family in the United States, coupled with a drop in church attendance, has done more harm to our country than illegal aliens flowing freely across our southern border, election shenanigans, or even globalism or global warming.

The molding of children’s minds is now too often left in the hands of radical changing curriculums in public schools, and whatever one might find on the Internet.

We are now in the business of seeking stuff, and think everyone deserves everything someone else has, even if they don’t work for it.

Labor, or the ability to provide a service, defined the value of a dollar at one time. That is no longer the case.

Too many people get too much without lifting finger (or a brain cell).

Most media, huge corporations, big tech, etc. no longer respect the basic foundations on which our great country was built. Anybody over the age of 50 can remember how the networks used to close their programming late at night. It never stops today.

We’ve got things so backward right now the tail is wagging the dog. Want to know how messed up that is? Look at a home in which kids run the show.

Our country looks like a family in which undisciplined children call the shots.

At one time kids learned the basics of life at home, and were actually taught the history of our great country – the good and the bad – in public schools.

Everyone went to gym class and actually broke a sweat.

Children weren’t racist back then, and they aren’t today.

Their minds are literally ruined in that respect as they grow up and are bombarded with the garbage fed to them 24/7.

That garbage is based purely on ratings, money, and power.

Kids were paddled for misbehavior in public schools back in the day, sometimes in front of their classmates. I was on the end of the board a few times myself, including once or twice in front of the class by my lady teacher!

Back when I was in elementary and junior high every kid didn’t get a medal just for showing up.

The one trophy I have tucked away is my “Offensive Most Valuable Player” trophy for the Horace Mann Junior High School 8th grade B team.

It meant something to me because I actually earned it. I didn’t get it for showing up at practice.

Personal responsibility, and respect for authority was taught at home, in Church and Sunday School, and even in the neighborhood one grew up.

I wouldn’t even think about calling an adult by his or her first name, and even today at 61, I address those in the generation ahead of me as Mr. and Mrs.

I say hello to black, brown, yellow and red people the same way I say hello to white people on the street.

With the deteriorating family unit and drop in church attendance, what do you think will be the outcome?

I don’t care if you’re a member of some acronym group, a single parent (by choice or tragedy), or whatever new minority group might be made up in the future.

What will happen when U.S. citizens who actually believe in the Constitution, truly believe in freedom and the rule of law, give up?

When one law is ignored, and then another, and another, it doesn’t take long to have no respect for any law.

Illegal immigration is a perfect example. We have turned our heads and not addressed that problem. What we do is change words so it doesn’t sound illegal.

As our cities burn and crime rates rise, we turn our heads because someone or some group is just trying to be heard.

When did this behavior become acceptable?

It’s easy to understand how it happened.

Many folks in position of authority - from local officials, to those at the state and national level – have no foundation on which they live. They have simply turned their heads and place moral relativism above any type of moral code and the rule of law applied to all.

What we see in our nation, with criminals being released for ridiculous reasons, the disrespect of law and disrespect of those charged with enforcing the laws has the same result on our national family as an undisciplined child has on a family at home.

It’s chaos.

The tail is wagging the dog in the United States right now.

If that doesn’t change soon, there will be no dog.

Until next week, have a good week.

Mike Probst can be reached at

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