Dear editor:

I have to respond to the letter writer who wrote about the lack of government action to enact more gun laws.

It’s obvious the writer doesn’t know there are already more than 10,000 laws regulating guns and buyers - Federal, State, County and local.

More “reasonable and common sense” laws are not going to help. Also obvious is the writer has never attempted to legally buy a gun at a retail store. Waiting 15 minutes to well over an hour for the seller to obtain a background check from a Federal agency to buy the gun is normal. The writer also mentioned enforcement of which I agree.

Unfortunately, law enforcement does not have the time, manpower, or money to fully enforce the thousand of laws already on the books. A recent survey showed more than 500 people attempted to buy a gun and were refused by the background check, but less than 20 were charged by law enforcement for illegally trying to break the law. It is easy for people to go after an inanimate object for a cure. (It’s) sad they don’t see the moral issue. Why is it that someone wants to commit suicide by cop and take out dozens with him? Or think it right to kill for the notoriety?

Baseball bats, hammers, knives, rocks and other objects are used to murder more people than guns.

Look up the statistics from the CDC and FBI over the past 50 years. A person’s mind is the ultimate killer - not the inanimate object used. As the country grows more and more secular maybe it’s time to look at the moral issue to be the focus.

Gary Griffin

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