Dear editor:

I am certainly not an inventor, but sometimes I do have an idea for an invention. Here is my latest for the truly techno person to work on. There is a certain music service out there that you can sign up for. When you hear a song you like, you give it thumbs up and you will hear it and others like it in future broadcasts. When you do not like a particular number, you give it thumbs down and you will never hear that song again.

With that in mind, I have an idea for how to improve television. When you hear a commercial that you do not like, give it thumbs down and you never hear it again. Can you imagine the immediate success of such a product? I would pay for that in a heartbeat. No more out of town personal attorneys rabidly barking numbers at me. No more insulting insurance commercials. I could go on, but I risk getting a thumbs down.

Jack Wright

Dear editor:

RE: Letter regarding “Political Poison” – voting:

Your statement that, “Requiring an ID to vote is common sense, period” in the April 7 edition of The Rockport Pilot caused me to write this letter because the type of ID is the issue.

I have voted in every election since I retired to Rockport in 2007. I voted in person at the old VFW Hall until it was necessary to use an absentee ballot in the fall of 2016 because I was traveling. I have always believed that in person voting is preferable because if you should die the day before the election I do not think your vote should count, and I do not believe Charlie Marshall, or anyone else, notifies the election office you are in that morgue.

Perhaps it is because I am a Caucasian Republican, but I have never had to produce any identification other than the voter registration card that the election clerk mailed out. The poll workers simply looked me up in their book and noted that I have voted. That was sufficient to prevent me from giving my voter registration card to someone else to subsequently use, but it would not have prevented someone else from using my card if I had not presented it first.

Therefore the issue of what type of identification is necessary will depend upon how a given election board is staffed. Requiring the type of identification that is needed to get a Passport, such as a birth certificate, is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion, but even that is not foolproof. When I needed my birth certificate to qualify for Social Security or Medicare, I could not find it. Knowing where I was born, I call the hospital, and they said, “Send us $10 and a signed letter and we will send you a duplicate.” It worked.

The biggest poison that is killing our country is the media, which is allowing false narratives (alternative facts) from all sides to be published without adequate fact checking. A detailed review of the new Georgia election law only presents two things that I find objectionable. One is the universal distribution of mail-in ballots, which I think should only be available if you request one or have qualified as a member of a group, such as disabled or aged, that will receive one if you used one in the previous election.

The other is the shortening of the time frame for holding a run-off election, and I object to the entire Georgia law requiring a run-off if no candidate receives a majority. The candidate with the most votes after all recounts have been validated should be verified as the winner regardless of the margin of victory. I was an observer as a member of the Grand Jury in Northern California when the vote for County Sheriff wound up with the incumbent retaining his badge by nine votes.

The days of Louisiana’s “Pull the red rooster” voting or Chicago’s Mayor Daly saying, “Vote early, vote often,” should be things of the past, but so should Trump’s false claims of rampant voter fraud. There could be some fraud such as LBJ receiving more votes in Duval County than there were registered voters, but that is not going to effect national elections.


Edmond E. Bates Jr.

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