Dear editor:

Thank you Mike! Thank you for speaking the truth in an animated world of so many untruths!

I am an 88-year-old man that grew up during the depth of the Great Depression and taught true values by loving Christian parents. Those values have not changed nor will they.

I particularly enjoyed your “Mom now” and “Mom then” portion of your comments.  Oh how your words rang so true. I could hear my Mama now like it was yesterday.

When you’ve been raised with good values it’s hard to forget them.

Thanks again for saying things that so desperately need to be said in today’s world.

Dale Vickers

Dear editor:

RE: “Difference in Time”

Since I am 82 I can relate to your examples, but I can recall instances of “now” snippets from 20 or more years ago. The most comparable to your snippets was observed when I was a teenager. The 60-or-so-year-old that lived up the street was trampling mom’s flowerbed while throwing a tantrum. She responded by saying that if he was going to act like that, he could have his way. The kids problems may have been inherited from his dad who raised such a ruckus as a spectator at a local softball game that the umpire kicked him out of the stands.

About 20 years ago I walked into the local Bar-B-Q joint in Weaverville, CA and spotted a young man standing between two adults who I presumed were his parents. His t-shirt had “Nice legs, when do they open?” printed on the back. If my parents had ever seen me wearing such a shirt, not only would I still be grounded, I would likely be six feet underground.

Then there is your conclusion in the same (column) that, “The mirror doesn’t lie.” That reminded me that back in 2016 Donald Trump said, “The Clintons are so elite they think they can do anything they want.” I agreed, but also thought that he needed to look in the mirror. Thus I cast a write-in vote for Abraham Lincoln for President.

Subsequently, I supported his ability to think like an Autocrat in his dealings with Putin, Kim and others, but he seemed to quietly back away from dealing with Kim when it began to look like he, Trump, was not going to win.

His tax treatment of capital gains helped not only the 1%, but also all those who have demonstrated financial responsibility, and I do believe he did strengthen the economy.

I also agree with his recent statement that we need a President we can respect. Trouble is, that is about all I can agree with from his Presidency.

Recently you printed the titles and abstracts of the propositions that will appear on the ballot. It would be very helpful if you used some of your op-ed space to expand on each of the propositions, including what the local impact might be.


Edmond E. Bates

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