I try not to get mad anymore about the current state of our country and society, but I’m not always successful.

The more I see happening, the sadder I get.

I worry about the world my children and grandchildren will live in long after I’ve made my exit.

The blatant media bias when it comes to national politics is astounding. Even if you hated President Trump, I pray you can actually recognize it.

During the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, 89% of the news coverage was negative.

During the first 100 days of Joe Biden’s presidency, 59% of the news coverage has been positive.

Any fair-minded person knows there is obviously something wrong with that picture.

We are going to bankrupt our nation with the goofy Green New Deal, when we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions 12% between 2005 and 2019, while countries like China do little. There’s no telling how much greenhouse gasses dropped during our year-long shut down social experiment, with the continued lockdown desires by the left in liberal states and cities across our nation … even though conservative states like Texas and Florida have proven the militaristic lockdowns aren’t warranted.

Everybody is a racist nowadays if you don’t toe the line as prescribed by the radical left.

The drumbeat of constant lies about what Democrats and Republicans stand for today influence the uninformed and most gullible among us.

On a local level we cry out about bullying in schools, yet totally turn a blind eye to the bullying taking place by a very small percentage of Americans.

Bullies attack those who are weaker than they are, and stop their bullying tactics when the person being bullied fights back.

That, in a nutshell, without getting into the minutia, is why the swamp, including many in the “Republican” Party, despised President Trump.

He hit back hard.

Everything boiled down to racism, or seen through the prism of race, will eventually destroy our country.

Systemic racism does not exist in this country anymore. And, it definitely does not exist among law enforcement agencies across our nation.

What will eventually happen - if this vile lie continues, and is supported by big corporations’ cowardice, power seeking elected, and mainstream media and big tech’s blatant support of the victim narrative – is real racism will return.

I am white. I do not apologize for being white. I do not owe anyone a damn thing because I am white.

If we aren’t all Americans, first and foremost, we will actually divide.

We are an imperfect union, striving to improve, and have paid a high price through the centuries to become the greatest nation on earth.

When we fight each other, and apologize to the world for who and what we are, we inflict wounds on ourselves and lessen our power to influence with what is great about our nation.

United we stand.

Divided we fall.

President Biden and his minions are doing more to fuel division in our country than any other administration in our history.

All in the name of power.

I won’t be around when history looks back at this period in our history with a clear lens.

What history will see is a huge stain on a great nation.

The question is will we be able to remove the stain some have purposely made?

Every senseless death of a human being, made in the image of God, is bad.

Recent statistics show 50 million police/suspect interactions with 10 million arrests. During that same time period, 18 unarmed black Americans were fatally shot, and 24 unarmed white Americans were fatally shot.

Police are “called” to scenes where violence or other unsavory activity is taking place. They don’t go looking for minority men and women with the intent to kill them.

For more than a year our country has been torn apart by what is essentially the tail wagging the dog.

Don’t believe me? Open any of your letters to the editor in response to this column by first addressing black on black crime in a single city – Chicago. Talk to me about those thousands of lives being less important than another person’s life, and ask why the media doesn’t cover those deaths 24/7 with fake emotion.

It’s all about money and power.

Racism today is a Fortune 500 company.

Until next week, have a good week.

Mike Probst can be reached at publisher@rockportpilot.com.

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