Down the slide

Taking seven-month-old granddaughter down the water slide was great fun for Poppie ... maybe not so much for Paige!

Last Wednesday I celebrated a milestone birthday eating dinner with my wife. This past weekend I celebrated the big 6-0 with the entire wolf pack at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine.

This week? Well, I’m recuperating.

If you’ve never heard of it, Great Wolf Resorts is a chain of indoor water parks. The company owns and operates its family resorts under the Great Wolf Lodge brand. In addition to a water park, each resort features restaurants, arcades, spas and children’s activities.

It’s not the cheapest place in the world, but it was well worth the time spent together with my wife, two daughters, two sons-in-law and five grandchildren in our own little wolf den.

The five-year-old grandson who lives in Frisco couldn’t quite grasp how we were going to spend a weekend at a water park when it was 40 degrees outside, but it all worked out well once he realized we would be indoors all weekend.

We didn’t go outdoors for two days.

If you know me, I’m not a big morning person, but I was up and going early each morning. I didn’t have the choice of sleeping in, because the three “walking” grandkids showed up next to my bed in bathing suits and big smiles, and were ready to hit the water park. Before leaving the room the youngest of the bunch (almost seven month old precious little girl) spit up on my chest and grinned ear to ear, and the 11-month-old wrecking ball little boy was grabbing at my kneecaps and jabbering 90 to nothing.

The weekend was full of love and laughs, and will be remembered a long time.

Being that close together with little ones for a full weekend brought back memories of those times when my daughters were little.

The words that come out of a small child’s mouth are a mirror of his or her developing mind.

My five-year-old grandson, who lives in Galveston, gift-wrapped random things for me to open, gathered from around his house. One of the funniest, if not the funniest moments during the weekend, was when I opened up one of his “random” wrappings.

Inside was a Barbie doll decked out in pink clothes. The grandson immediately started laughing and his little sister, eyes as big as saucers, looked me straight in the eyes, smiled, and said, “Poppie, I’ve got a Barbie just like that one at my home!”

If you’ve never been to one of the Great Wolf Resorts, I encourage you to visit. My grandchildren range from seven months to five years of age, and all of them could enjoy the indoor waterpark.

One doesn’t have to stay the night, which is the bulk of the expense. Day passes to the waterpark are available.

With my full weekend in the rearview mirror, I ran across a post on Facebook called “Truth Bomb”

With out going into details, it listed comparisons in spending certain amounts of money.

For instance, some think spending $100 at the grocery store is too expensive, but dropping a Benjamin on a dinner date is totally reasonable.

Or thinking one has no time to spend 60 minutes in a gym, but when watching an hour of Netflix, time flies and you want to watch another one.

Everything in life is about priorities, and what you prioritize will dictate what your life looks like.

I’m glad all my family, including my wife and I, made it a priority to meet in Grapevine this past weekend.

Until next week, have a good week.

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