Dear editor:

On the way home from the beach with my dog, we pass Rockport Cemetery. Dogs are not allowed in the cemetery. There is or at least was a sign that requested visitors to the cemetery to take their trash with them when they leave.

The most noticeable aspect of Rockport Cemetery is that it is defaced with plastic flowers. Artificial plants and flowers are trash. They ought not be left behind when visiting a grave. Hold them in you hands; and do your dance on the grave, but don not put the plastic trash down on the grave. Take your litter home with you. If you must,, save it and bring it back with you the next time, taking your trash home with you each time you leave the cemetery.

Nothing a dog can do can show less respect to the cemetery and to the dead than leaving plastic flowers on a grave.

Rockport Cemetery needs a better-qualified rule maker.

The cemetery looks its best full of wildflowers.

William Ansel Couch

Dear editor:

I want to commend the Aransas County Commissioners Court for the decision to send Code 3 ER $30,000 a month until the time Aransas County can maintain a micro hospital on its own.

Thank you Judge Burt Mills and commissioners for your forward thinking.

Lawana Jackson

(Editor’s note: The decision regarding support and amount of that support will be made at the commissioners’ second meeting every month.)

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