On the front page of this edition there is a short story about the motor vehicle burglaries in Rockport Country Club and Whistler’s Cove.

I have to admit … I was one of the victims.

Yes, I left my car door unlocked. And yes, that’s something I never do … but I did … at exactly the wrong time.

This is what happened to me, just in case it might be a familiar scenario.

My wife and I ran up to the grocery store Friday night to buy a few things. When we got home, I had to make two trips into the house.

On my first trip into the house, I dropped my keys on the kitchen cabinet, along with the first load of groceries.

I went outside for the second load, and instinctively reached into my pocket to grab my keys and lock the door like I always do. My keys were no longer in my pocket.

I got sidetracked – probably thinking about how good the freshly bought Blue Bell ice cream was about to taste - and forgot about locking my car.

We were watching TV and I thought about my car being unlocked, but didn’t get out of the recliner long enough to accomplish that task.

I remember saying to myself not to worry about it because I was going to run up to the office to grab a few things after my wife fell asleep.

Well, I fell asleep early, which is something I don’t do.

On Saturday morning I got into my car and the glove compartment and middle console were open.

At first I thought my wife had maybe rummaged through my car looking for something while on her way to the Shopping Tournament.

My second thought was there is no way she would have left everything all over the front seats and the floorboards.

Then it hit me.

No broken glass.

I had fallen asleep and never did lock my car.

What’s crazy is I’ve written in this newspaper many times warnings from local law enforcement about locking cars and making sure garage doors are closed.

The burglars look for an easy target, and an unlocked vehicle, or wide-open garage door, is the perfect setup for becoming a victim.

Luckily, the only thing the burglar(s) got was a tin gum canister that was filled with change.

My loss was less than $10 in quarters, but if the cops catch these crooks, they’ll after to answer to my grandchildren. They know Poppie has quarters for the Panjo’s gumball machines in that tin canister!

Until next week, have a good week!

Mike Probst can be reached at publisher@rockportpilot.com.

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