Where were you 18 years ago today?

What were you doing when you heard the news Islamic terrorists hit the Twin Towers in New York City (NYC), the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and an empty field in Pennsylvania (due only to the heroic actions of passengers)?

Now, here’s the bigger question.

Have you forgotten?

Do you remember the way just about every citizen of the United States felt the next day?

Don’t you wish that feeling could come back?

We were together, as Americans.

I’ll never forget receiving the call from the office that Tuesday morning. I had been asleep for maybe an hour after being up the night before putting together the midweek edition.

I missed multiple calls because I was already in a deep sleep.

However, the minute I woke up and learned what was going on, I immediately inserted a VHS tape and recorded the events as they unfolded.

I still have that tape, even though I have no way of playing it since the VHS tape player went away long ago.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit NYC a few times since the Freedom Tower (replaced the Twin Towers) was built, and the 9-11 Museum, on the Twin Towers’ site, was opened.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the 9-11 Memorial, or the Pentagon Memorial, I encourage you to add it to your bucket list.

You won’t be sorry, and more importantly, it will help you to never forget that day in U.S. history.

9-11 changed the fabric of our country much like Hurricane Harvey changed the fabric of our community.

God rest the souls of those who perished that fateful day, and be with the first responders who survived.

Never forget?

Or, how soon we forget?

Until next week, have a good week.

Mike Probst can be reached at publisher@rockportpilot.com.

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