Dear editor:

April 20, 1999 Columbine HS 12 students, 1 teacher

December 14, 2013 Sandy Hook E. 20 children (6-7) 6 adults

February 14, 2018 Majory Stoneman Douglas HS 17 students and faculty

May 24, 2022 Robb E. 19 4th graders and 2 teachers.

How many more young lives are we willing to sacrifice for our “Second Amendment Rights?” Don’t the children have the right to life?

As the teachers and students begged for help, 19 (one for each child) armed police waited 40 minutes before they responded. An 18 year-old boy, who purchased two assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition thanks to lenient Texas gun laws, told the children it was time to die and then proceeded to kill them.

NRA “how many kids have you killed today”.

And in a disgusting lack of propriety and gross insensitivity, the NRA holds a convention in Houston three days later. Many of the artist scheduled to appear and some lawmakers canceled out of respect for those who lost their lives. Not so egomaniac Donald and tea party Ted. The Donald, who never misses an opportunity to spew his bombastic rhetoric, yelling that calls for stricter gun laws are “grotesque and repulsive”. In spite of the fact that there have been 214 lives lost to mass shootings so far this year. Ted was there to ensure that the NRA would continue to fill his campaign coffers. Perhaps at election time he will remember that he works for us as in US Government not NRA government. And if the going gets tough he can always use his daughters as an excuse to flee to Acapulco.

Marsha Lawrence

Dear editor:

Tried of sparing with political nincompoops, I permanently deleted my FB account last August. Never felt better! Now, last week’s letter to the editor compels me to write this response.

During O’Rourke’s presidential campaign in 2019, Beto asked his friend State Representative Tom Sullivan from Colorado to join him at a stump speech in Aurora, (where a mass shooting had occurred in a theater). In the middle of Beto’s speech, far-right wing gun activist Lauren Boebert and her friends, with openly carrying weapons slung about their shoulders and hips stepped up to interrupt his speech. Beto’s campaign entourage tried to subdue the interruption. However, Beto wouldn’t have any of it. He immediately told everyone to stand down and, “let her speak.’ Boebert was allowed to speak and then went on her way.

I wish governor Abbott would’ve done the same for Beto. Alas, he chose to stay in the hallway, doing nothing.

True, Beto O’Rourke was given the birth name of Robert however, it has been a long standing tradition in Texas that Mexican-Americans give only the deserving Anglo individuals such affectionate Spanish nicknames to someone of their liking. Beto didn’t get to choose his own nickname.

It’s like an aviator call sign, you don’t get to choose your own call sign; ask any aviator.

May God hold those 19 sweet innocent babies and their two teachers in His bosom. And, may He bless their surviving family members.

Vic Medina

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