A masterpiece

My first attempt at stained glass began with a pattern, and ended in a masterpiece, albeit not at the level of a Hunter Biden

I’ve lived in Aransas County going on 38 years and I’ve never taken an art class at the Rockport Center for the Arts (RCA) – until now.

Under the watchful eye of Susan Fest, my wife and I joined another couple for a six-week stained glass class.

At first I thought it would be a breeze, and I’d learn a new skill, but then I learned it was three hours every Wednesday night, and Wednesday nights are the one night during the week I know I have free.

Fast forward to today, and the four of us budding stained glass artists have finished our masterpieces.

Lets just say some masterpieces are better than others!

Not only have I learned a new skill … my vocabulary has been expanded.

Terms such as copper foil scissors, 60/40 solder, flux brushes, and safety cuts are now stuck in my head.

Just as one might not recognize certain types of birds, until he or she studies them a bit, I will now look at stained glass wherever I go, and have a new appreciation of what went into the work.

Being that Hunter Biden is selling his “works of art” for big bucks, I thought I’d do the same … but maybe take off a few zeroes at first!

If one is considering doing something different, or if one has ever thought about taking an art class through the RCA, I strongly encourage you to do so.

If you end up taking a stained glass class, I promise you’ll forever look at church windows differently!

Aggies beat Alabama!

If one is a true college football fame – other than an Alabama fan – he or she had to have enjoyed watching Texas A&M’s win against Alabama Saturday night in front of the second largest crowd in Kyle Field history.

I was glued to the television, except for the third quarter, when I had to run out to the Seafair grounds to snap a few pictures of the Spazmatics’ performance.

I kept up with the game on my phone, and had a number of friends texting me …

“Alabama just blocked our punt and recovered in the end zone for a touchdown.

“OMG, Achane just returned the kickoff 96 yards!”

Snap a photo, snap a photo, and leave the Seafair grounds.

I was settled back into my recliner at the start of the fourth quarter, and was able to watch all the pandemonium at the stadium following the walk-off win field goal.

I used to pride myself in the number of consecutive Aggie/Longhorn games I went to (25), and other such things, but now I’m content with watching games on the tube, versus roaming the sidelines.

One of my son-in-laws, however, loves going to a big game when the opportunity arises.

He got a ticket the day of the game, and can always say he attended, in person; the two games the Aggies beat the Crimson Tide.

He took a road trip for the 2012 game in which Johnny Manziel’s play sealed the Heisman for him, the Aggies’ first year in the SEC.

As I glowed in pure joy after the game, I settled back in my recliner, happy with the thought I didn’t have a 3-1/2 hour drive ahead of me.

Another thing I know … I wouldn’t want to be Alabama’s next opponent.

Until next week, have a good week!

Mike Probst can be reached at publisher@rockportpilot.com.

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