Dear Editor,

Guy Clark’s contributions to the music culture in your state and especially South Texas are substantial, and his influence on the music of artists like Steve Earle, Jerry Jeff Walker, Lyle Lovett and others shouldn’t be underrated.

Clark has always been considered a “songwriter’s songwriter”-- someone who has consistently crafted excellent tunes that other performers fell in love with and often turned into great hits. While Clark might never have appeared as a household name like some of the country music greats who recorded his tunes, he still developed an enormous and well-deserved fan base. He was a talented artist, skilled luthier, gifted songwriter, and native of your county, Aransas. He is very well deserving of the accolades bestowed upon him from the city and county he called home!

What an inspiring evening many avid fans enjoyed in Rockport this past August 1 and 2! The Guy Clark Tribute was one that this Alabama father and son shall never forget. We came nearly 800 miles from the deep South where hospitality rules but could not touch the amazing welcome given to us by Cheryl Livingston and her team of volunteers from the Aransas County Historical Society. Verlon Thompson and Shawn Camp made us all feel like one big happy family. Clark’s sisters, “Gal Clark” as Verlon would say, made the event extra special. Thompson, former sideman for Guy, is a perfect gentleman and storyteller whose heart bleeds his love for music and his great friends, Guy Clark and Shawn Camp. Shawn Camp is also a superb performer, musician, songwriter, and sidekick. What can I say about Tamara Saviano, author and biographer of Without Getting Killed or Caught: The Life and Music of Guy Clark? She is one gracious lady.

We experienced so many folks I’ve never met who felt just like “Old Friends” in another great Guy Clark song. This event provided the perfect venue and perfect chemistry. Cheryl Livingston out did herself! Many thanks to the wonderful people of Aransas County and Rockport for allowing me this “Bucket List” item with my son. After our visit to Rockport Guy’s tune “The South Coast of Texas” will never be the same. I have always loved that tune, but since coming to Rockport for the Guy Tribute Concert, every time I hear that tune in the future, it will always mean something extra special. Oh my, forever memories-- the coastline, the shrimp boats, whooping cranes, the oyster shell roads, sand dunes, and those amazing leaning trees. You did it just right, Rockport!

Wayne K. May, Selma, AL

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