Dear editor:

It’s a sad goodbye to Code3ER and the dedicated health care workers that were employed there. It opened just before Harvey, but couldn’t weather a poor corporate administration. If you log onto their website, you’ll see they say they are closed temporarily because of COVID-19. Our only medical facility within 25 miles closes in a pandemic?

The truth is that they have closed three of their four locations because of an order to close by their financial restructuring corporation. From the Corpus Christi Caller Times (April 2), “Hospital Corporation of America had been in negotiations with Code3ER prior to the closure,” said Aransas County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills. Judge Mills and Aransas County commissioners have been struggling with payments to shore up the relationship with Code3ER for a while.

Hopefully, Code3ER can find a business plan that works as this community needs an ER/Urgent Care facility until an area hospital can be built that also accepts Medicare/Medicaid in its ER. We’re lucky to have the far-sighted Judge Mills and mayors (Pat) Rios and (Jimmy) Kendrick tackling that problem.

Richard Snyder

Dear editor:

Lately I have heard many disturbing comments about people from Houston, Austin, San Antonio and other cities needing to leave or not come to Rockport.

I moved to Rockport in 2003 and live here permanently. Our county has a lot of neighborhoods where there is a high percentage of properties owned by these out-of-towners. They own these not by “fortune” but by hard work and sacrifice. They pay high taxes and use local business to maintain and repair these properties. They spend money in our local economy.

After Hurricane Harvey, many of these folks brought in supplies and equipment to help us out. I had many stop by my house before they even had a chance to see what damage they had. Some had damage to the point they could not stay here but still continued to make the trip here every few days and bring supplies and equipment as well as check on my well being.

Before making comments about people, I feel we should know all of the facts.

These folks are not vacationing but trying to make the best of the situation we all find ourselves in now.

Tom Moore

Dear editor:

So you allowed important news to be read free about Harvey, but not about this virus. Well, some of us live on a retirement fixed income. Money, money, money - hope you enjoy it.

Bryant Olson

(Editor’s note: The period after Hurricane Harvey is much different, on many levels, than what we are experiencing during this COVID-19 pandemic. However, rest assured, all critically important local information is being posted on The Rockport Pilot’s Facebook page where it can be accessed for free.)

Dear editor:

This is a short reply to the letter submitted by Roberta Cox and her criticism of my previous letter. Although she had an abundance of things to say, unfortunately she missed the whole point of my letter. Regardless of what days the supply trucks arrive, would it not be feasible to allocate a percentage of the produce to be displayed on senior day? The product does not go from the truck to the shelves. They have storerooms. What is the point of having a senior day with no produce? Seems like common sense to me.

As for the line of shoppers, it is utterly ludicrous to suggest 200 shoppers were in line before dawn for products they already had at home. That is totally irrational. My only problem with the line was instead of allowing 10 or 20 shoppers in at a time, they let everyone in at once, and once again common sense did not prevail.

I was at Academy Sports last week and they only allowed 25 shoppers into the store at one time. As one person left, another entered.

My whole point was if seniors are to be allocated a time to shop then is it not common sense to have products available?

According to Ms. Cox’s way of thinking, if the truck arrived each week the day after senior day then the senior day shoppers would never have produce to buy. Finally Ms. Cox it is honorable of you to admit that you are the problem, but I take gross offense when you include me. You can talk for yourself only, I know for absolute certain that I am not the problem - no hoarding, etc.

The problem is the hoarders. The solution is plain old common sense. What on earth happened to it?


Les Massingham

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