Dear editor:

My friend and I recently visited the Cementerio San Antonio de Padua, located six miles south of Rockport on Business SH 35.

We had not been to this cemetery since we were in high school 50 years ago. We were astounded by the beautiful grave decorations. Many of the graves have cement borders, and we saw many crosses embedded with seashells. There were several graves with conch shells. There is a chapel (in the middle of the grounds) with Saint Antonio holding a child. This is truly a gem of Aransas County, and this cemetery does have an historical marker.


Kam Wagert

Dear Editor:

In response to a letter to the editor dated May 8 from Jack Cowen. The removal of ballot boxes is not limited to political adversaries, I read this as limiting possible fraud voting. I believe removal applies to any area regardless of political affiliation. The introduction of early voting was a good idea, but the extending of such has gotten out of hand. If my memory serves me right, voting used to be 7am to 7pm and worked just fine. People do have time off work and can make time to go vote, if they truly want to vote. Early voting on Sunday should be outlawed so the workers get a day of rest. Making voting by mail complicated is not to suppress voting, but to insure the person voting by mail is actually the person doing the voting.

The Georgia voting laws are no more stringent than New York or Colorado. Singling out Georgia is just another liberal lie. Asking Texas not to make changes only heightens the possibility of voter fraud

I believe there are more people with less integrity than in the past. That includes the elected officials. Too many people think they know what is best for everyone else. Bringing in laws that help insure voter integrity is something I will accept all day long.

The laws of too many states have gotten so weak that fraud can be committed and no one would ever know. If increasing voting laws is not acceptable (maybe we should go back to showing up at the poll on voting day, the second Tuesday in November) and completing the voting paper form with a #2 pencil and count by hand with a representative from each party overlooking the shoulders of the counters.

William Page

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