Watch out Charles Atlas! This man is in the gym again ... until he breaks something.

A number of months ago my wife joined a workout program at a place called Rising Tide. Last week I joined her.

She tricked me into going during one of our discussions on a recent road trip.

I told her to quit asking me to go, but promised I would join her some day.

Then she said the magic words.

“Honey, if you work out with me you’re going to feel so much better,” she said. And here’s the kicker … “Just think how much more you will be able to do with our six grandchildren as they get older.”

Of course, what I heard was, “Honey, if you work out with me you’re going to feel so much better. Just think how much more you will be able to do with our six grandchildren, as YOU get older. You don’t want to die early, do you?”

I promised her I’d start in February, and being the type of husband that always keeps his word, I made her faint when I pulled up in classic 61-year-old workout gear Monday, Feb. 1.

Everybody there made me feel welcome, while probably saying, under their breath, “I sure hope the old man doesn’t pull something, break something, pass out, or develop a nose bleed.”

I always considered myself an above average athlete back in the day, but that first day of working out made me realize it had been quite a while since my last “regular” workout. I haven’t had a regular workout regimen since college. That’s 40 years ago!

Of course, I entered my first workout with the bravado of my 21-year-old former self, but quickly realized jumping rope, many times, for a long time, just for a warm-up, was much harder than skipping around while entertaining sub-six-year-old grandchildren.

Laci (Cox) Johnson is the owner and lead torturer (oops sorry, I mean lead coach).

All joking aside, she does an excellent job, along with her other coaches.

As of this writing I’ve completed four, hour-long workouts, and I’m still standing.

Without going into detail, my wife and I are able to workout at our own pace, but the coach and fellow friends who are also working out, root for us and make us want to push ourselves.

Rising Tide is located at 102 W. Bay St. in a new building.

For more information, call (361) 463-9283.

It is where we go today. Through the years we’ve tried working out at different places together, but we never stuck it out. That is no reflection on other workout establishments in town. They are all great.

The important thing is to get off your rear and start working out again, or, for the first time.

I have to admit I feel a lot better, and gobble down my wife’s suppers with gusto.

I know I’ve only gone four times, but I can see what the benefits will be if I stick it out.

Until next week, IF I MAKE IT … have a good week.

Mike Probst can be reached at

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