Dear editor:

Today I went to the non-local, non-Texas based big box store to pick up some nutritional supplements. It took a while because the displays looked more like a flea market or garage sale. I told myself that it is just a sign of the times and we should not expect what we once did. After all, COVID happened.

As I approached the self-check-out, the hall monitor told me I could not pay in cash. I asked “why not” and was told there was a coin shortage, which she blamed on COVID. I don’t fault the clerk who told me that, she was just reporting what management had told her. But let me be clear, there is not now nor has there ever been a coin shortage. That is just one more big lie hung on the bulletin board of “blame it on COVID.”

The U.S. Mint didn’t stop minting coins and the fed didn’t stop delivering them to banks. But non-local, non-Texas based big box stores don’t bank locally and getting MegaBank to deliver coin from New York City isn’t cost effective nor is it practical. So it gets blamed on COVID. Isn’t it about time we stopped blaming poor service on a virus?

Mea culpa. From now on I will go to the local, Texas-based grocery store that has the same nutritional supplements and doesn’t have a coin shortage. Even if I do have to drive a quarter of a mile further. And I will keep my money in my local, Texas-based bank where the people are friendly and provide great service.

Jack W. Wright

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