Dear Editor,

Wanted to pass along a magazine article recalling nearly 35 years ago another deadly virus that griped our Country with much fear; AIDS.

Last spring a seventh-grader in Sherman Oaks, California was assigned her school project on living in a COVID-19 world when her mother told her about the AIDS Memorial Quilt she has helped put together in 1987.

“Why don’t we do it again?” Was the 14-year-old’s reply.

As of late January; 250 or so 8-inch square cloth panels submitted by loved ones or made by the now 8th grader and other project volunteers using donated artifacts such as a photo, a favorite T-shirt, or a drawing.

“You do not have to sew to submit. We can attach anything to a piece of fabric.” Each colorful fabric honors each of the 365,000 plus lives lost to COVID in the USA alone. “People are reincarnated in the squares. These aren’t numbers, these are people who had jobs, a family, a pet, a friend,” she says. “I felt that connection when we first started.”

You can contribute patches of 8x8 inch fabric squares or memorial items can be mailed to:

Covid Memorial Quilt

3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd., #443

Studio City, CA. 91604

Please pass this national healing project along to those who have lost loved ones from COVID. This is a way for their loved one(s) to be remembered and hopefully begin their own personal journey of healing.

May God continue to bless and protect America.

Rita Gilbert

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