As I write this (Monday night) I have now idea what damage Hurricane Dorian is going to do to the mainland USA. The few pictures I’ve seen out of the Bahamas is heart wrenching.

By the time you read this the worst of Dorian will have probably passed.

Watching a hurricane approach land, after living through Harvey and its aftermath, is definitely a different experience.

Before Aug. 25, 2017 I would look at news coverage of a storm purely out of interest, as I’m sure all of you did, as well.

I don’t recall pausing to say a prayer for those in a storm’s path, nor do I remember putting a particular emphasis on where a hurricane’s eye made landfall.

Where the eye crossed was just a point of reference

It’s different today.

All I do is pay attention to the eye, and don’t give much thought to the other stuff.

I can’t imagine what the folks, sitting under a stationary eye for hours upon hours, are feeling. Ten-plus hours of hurricane force winds was bad enough.

Whether you stayed here, or evacuated, the way we all look at hurricanes is different today.

I hope and pray for the safety of individuals and families in Dorian’s path. As we know all too well, material things can be replaced, albeit with some hardship in many cases, but a life can’t be replaced.

Successful people vs,

unsuccessful people

I received this email the other day that showed nine differences between successful people and unsuccessful people, and thought it was pretty revealing:

• A successful person reads every day. An unsuccessful person watches TV every day.

• A successful person compliments. An unsuccessful person criticizes.

• A successful person embraces change. An unsuccessful person fears change.

• A successful person forgives others. An unsuccessful person holds a grudge.

• A successful person talks about ideas. An unsuccessful person talks about people.

• A successful person continuously learns. An unsuccessful person thinks they know it all.

• A successful person accepts responsibility for their failures. An unsuccessful person blames others for their failures.

• A successful person has a sense of gratitude. An unsuccessful person has a sense of entitlement.

• A successful person sets goals and develops live plans. An unsuccessful person never sets goals.

Read that all again if you need to. I did. It makes a lot of sense.

Name one successful person who sits around watching TV, criticizing ever new thing that comes along, while holding grudges as they talk about others because they know it all and blame others if they don’t … and then complain that it’s not fair they didn’t reach goals they never set!

Until next week, have a good week.

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