40 years ago this week

• An area where least terns were nesting on Rockport Beach was roped off for their protection.

• Robert and Rosemary Kay bought Aransas Butane Company.

• Diana Eller was promoted to assistant vice president at First National Bank.

• A rash of accidents during the July 4 weekend injured seven individuals.

• Anders Auto opened. (Note: it closed permanently after Hurricane Harvey.)

30 years ago this week

• The inaugural Rockport-Fulton Air Show, a parade in downtown Rockport, and a ceremony honoring veterans all added to an already busy July 4 weekend in Aransas County.

• Clay Gillis was named Aransas County Independent School District (ACISD) business manager, replacing Charles Roe.

• Aransas County commissioners were working on a redistricting plan.

20 years ago this week

• A stealth bomber was one of the planes featured at the Rockport-Fulton Air Show.

• HEB chose the former Palo Alto RV Park site for its new Rockport store.

• The City of Rockport and ACISD announced the hiring of Kathie Holbrook as the new aquatics supervisor and swim coach for the new Community Pool Aquatic Park.

10 years ago this week

• The City of Rockport and Aransas County Navigation District (ACND) were negotiating the 25-year lease agreement for Rockport Beach Park. The ACND said it would not renew the lease in its present form, which was due to expire in less than one year. The main point of contention was the $25,000 per year the ACND paid the City to manage and operate the Beach Park.

• Russel Cole announced his decision to step down as mayor of Fulton, to accept an appointment as county commissioner, was an agonizing one, but necessary for his career as a politician.

• Local umpires Augie Garcia and Johnny Rios officiated the State 5A championship baseball game.

• Father Joseph Thang Nguyen, formerly of Rockport, was ordained to the priesthood.

• Jimmy Kendrick was appointed mayor of Fulton.

• The ACND accepted the old Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce building as is.

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