Dear editor:

RE: Teaching race, racism and history in Texas

Governor Abbott has signed a legislative bill, which reportedly will restrict and direct the way teachers may teach the touchy subjects of race, racism, and history. As a very independent RINO, I do not agree with the intent of this new bill.

Rather, I agree with Mr. Santos, a teacher in Houston, who said, “We have a responsibility to teach the truth to our students.”

What constitutes the truth is the issue, though. It is definitely not recorded or spoken by politicians. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Attorney General Ken Paxton both provide as much misinformation as former President Trump and many of his followers. Politicians of other political parties also disseminate misinformation when it suits their needs.

Historians, scientists, some teachers, and many others also allow their biases to skew or totally distort the truth.

Teachers must keep their biases at bay, and I believe allowing their students to monitor the truth through class discussion, as Ms. Williamson did with the George Floyd matter, is the proper solution.

Those in power have biased the truth for many years, and I believe that critical race theory can distort the truth by spreading misinformation under a different name.

Rather than legislating or otherwise dictating what is taught, teachers should be provided an unbiased education so they can present age-appropriate and unbiased learning to their students regardless of the subject being taught, and their students should be the ones that effectively monitor what they are being taught through open class discussion.


Edmond E. Bates Jr.

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