Dear editor:

Like everyone, I am ready for the COVID-19 pandemic to end so we can return to normal. In addition to altering my own daily routine to protect my friends and neighbors, I am extra careful because I assist my elderly mother. It has always been a challenge to keep up with her doctors’ appointments and multiple prescriptions, but never more so than in the face of a global pandemic.

Seeing how modern medicine has helped to preserve her health and comfort, I am encouraged about the COVID-19 vaccines that pharmaceutical researchers have developed and am confident they will be effective and allow us to return to normal.

Unfortunately, some officials in Washington are pushing policies, like the President’s “most favored nation” executive order, that could jeopardize American biopharmaceutical companies and hamper their ability to discover and develop innovative treatments like the COVID-19 vaccine. Artificially tying Medicare’s drug prices to other countries, where newer medicines are often unavailable to patients, would undermine medical innovation and reduce the availability of new treatments and cures for numerous diseases to many Americans.

As we begin to emerge from this pandemic thanks to U.S. pharmaceutical innovation, I urge officials in Washington to make smart decisions to ensure those scientists can continue to get us past COVID-19 and to make sure Americans like my mother have access to medicines that keep us healthy and comfortable.


Eva Marable

Can you put this in your editorial section so maybe someone who is responsible gets notice?

I was disappointed when I came down to Rockport for three months to find our favorite fishing spot was shut down.

The hurricane did minor damage to the old Copano Bridge, but nothing that they had to tear it apart so no one could go on.

Same old excuses I suppose. Liability, someone could get hurt, instead of doing something to make it good.

The trouble they went through to tear it apart could have been used to make any minor repairs. It was a drawing card for people hundreds and thousands of miles away.

We went there with our wheelchairs for a day of fishing. Been going to Rockport for 18 years, and I’m sorry, but no more. Not only my wife and I, but four other couples, as well.

David Wachowiak

Stevens Point, WI

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