Dear editor:

Protecting Little Bay and Copano Bay are extremely important to Aransas County residents, and I am grateful for the attention you have brought to the need for their protection.

Little Bay is the “crown jewel” of Rockport and its “loss” would be an environmental and economic disaster. Your editorial in the March 3 edition was timely and well stated. It is time we collectively roll up our sleeves and take action to protect this most valuable asset.

The Aransas Project (TAP) “stood up” for Copano Bay, one of the intended “recipients” of Steel Dynamics’ wastewater discharge, and successfully halted Steel Dynamics’ construction of its wastewater plant until they follow the law, and get a wastewater discharge permit (see article in Feb. 27 edition).

The TCEQ confirmed there had been a violation. In denying the construction application, TCEQ Commissioners noted the large volume of discharge planned, the amount of public interest in this discharge permit, and Steel Dynamics’ previous violation of Texas laws. We all should support TAP in their continued efforts to protect our most valuable resources, our bays.

Thank you,

Terry Baiamonte

Dear editor:

The “Thought and Verse” on the front page of The Rockport Pilot are always something I look forward to reading. They are interesting, thought provoking, and uplifting, and many quotes and verses are my favorites and taped on my refrigerator door. I am so glad you include them, and on the front page! They wouldn’t be found in The New York Times; at least I’m sure the “Verses” wouldn’t.

The “Thought” in a recent issue, a quote by Socrates, should have read “An unexamined life is not worth living” and not  “An unexplained life …” which is very different if one is trying to be a better person in this life by taking responsibility for the things in one’s life that need improving or changing.

I thank you for the effort and time you spend to print The Pilot and in writing your columns and taking your photos. I believe you are a very dedicated publisher, and should know you are appreciated.


Violet S. Gove

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