Dear editor:

I’m proud of my fellow Texans. Last week Governor Abbot rescinded the mask mandate. At the same time he urged all Texans to continue to wear masks, practice social distancing, and the other recommended practices needed to stay safe until the pandemic is under control.

Almost immediately there was a great hue and cry, especially amongst the more liberal people, leaders, and press that the Governor’s actions were irresponsible and would lead to disaster. The President called it “Neanderthal thinking” and I’m sure if any of the Neanderthal race survived today they would be deeply offended by the statement. Substitute the name of any existing race for Neanderthal and see how it sounds.

Yet, when I go out amongst my fellow Texans, I see people wearing masks, just as they were before. They are practicing social distancing and businesses are still controlling the number of customers in their establishment. Nothing actually appears to have changed in the behavior of the people. Yesterday I saw a line of cars more than a mile long queued up for vaccine - a very responsible thing to do. So, what did change?

The answer is freedom. Gov. Abbot obviously understands that if you educate people well on the right thing to do and trust them, they can be responsible and will do it. It takes no small amount of courage to do this and is the hallmark of a good leader. This is the true price of freedom. To the degree that trust, courage, and responsibility decline in a society, freedom is replaced with totalitarianism.

Nobody knows today what the Neanderthals thought. They became extinct about 30,000 years ago after “modern humans” migrated from Africa into their European homeland. For all we know, the Neanderthal was the more intelligent race. If what the Governor did is “Neanderthal thinking” perhaps everyone should try it.

Ty Husak

Dear editor:

Just a thought.

We should bus all these illegal immigrants to DC. I bet Biden would do something about the border issue then. Just saying it would force Biden to fix the problem with the border.

John Bridges

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