Dear editor:

Three years ago, Hurricane Harvey dealt our community a serious blow. We are now on the precipice of rebuilding the necessary infrastructure of our community from the disaster. Grants have been obtained, the design and planning are almost complete, and all that remains is getting voter approval to move forward. On the Nov. 3, 2020 ballot, you will have the opportunity to vote yes on three propositions that the county has placed on the ballot.

Proposition A is to rebuild our courthouse at a net cost of $17,235,000.

Proposition B is to fund matching grant requirements for road and drainage projects at a cost of $1,295,000.

Proposition C is to fund matching grant requirements to fund a micro-hospital at a cost of $1,370,000.

Each of these projects is critical for the recovery and long-term viability of our community. These three propositions, that total $19.9 million in bond funds, will provide approximately $60 million in construction activity in our community. Our local economy needs this boost to not only recover from Harvey, but also, from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The county’s funding plan is projected to reduce the debt service tax rate by approximately 10%. This result is made possible primarily due to current low interest rates and effective use of debt service reserves.

These are the facts and facts matter!

This is truly a win-win opportunity to move forward. The result will make our community more resilient to future disasters, create a much-needed economic activity, and accomplish it at a reduced debt service tax rate.

Win! Win!

Brett Bohn

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