I only have to wear half a mask nowadays … I got my first vaccine shot last week!

Just kidding. I have always taken the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, but to be honest, I haven’t lived in fear of it since about last April. It’s a serious pandemic, which has killed untold numbers of people across the globe, regardless of what the “real” count may be. Three months into the pandemic, I pretty much tuned out the politicization of COVID-19, and decided the best thing for me to do was wear my mask, wash my hands, and social distance when warranted.

COVID-19 is real.

The politicization today of almost everything COVID-19, is real, as well.

I choose to take care of myself, try my best to do the right thing, and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

I have a job to do that I take seriously and didn’t have the choice of not working and collecting money from somewhere else.

It seems like we’ve been on this boat since Aug. 25, 2017, the day Harvey called us home.

I realize there are those who have basically camped inside their homes since day one of this pandemic, and there are those who threw caution to the wind and affected the health of others.

Like many of you, I haven’t touched my parents for more than a year. If that bothers me, I can only imagine what it’s like for them.

I know there are countless numbers of people who have lived recklessly and never got the virus, and thousands of others who took every precaution, yet still came into contact with it somehow, and/or even died.

I can’t control other people’s behavior. I can only control mine.

As a result of shutdowns, etc., the mental health of millions of people has deteriorated, millions of children had one year of a normal childhood taken away, never to be returned, and opportunistic politicians have take the opportunity to control, or attempt to control the masses.

Some people believe Trump is 100% responsible for the deaths of more than 500,000 Americans, and New York’s governor sent thousands of elderly people to their death. We can go on forever with the opinions of talking heads, and at the same time believe everything the doctor or scientist we trust says is 100% truth.

The fact of the matter is the doctor or scientist we believe is our truth. Nothing more, nothing less. There is a doctor or scientist that holds beliefs you don’t consider truth.

Biden is saving the world with a vaccine(s) he had no part in securing, yet he takes credit for its distribution without acknowledging who was responsible for getting him something to distribute.

It’s all politics.

We have a media we can no longer trust, and politicians we never fully trusted.

Trump has been blamed for the mass shooting in Atlanta because he called COVID-19 the China virus, yet we hear nothing about the threat against South Africans due to the variant coming out of that country, and on and on and on.

Trump haters say he was an embarrassment to our country, while at the same time the leaders of China and Russia mock Biden because he is so weak, and everyone, including illegal aliens, cartels, world leaders … and yes, even those who supported Biden, know, deep down, he is losing his physical and mental capabilities quickly.

Nobody should take joy in that. It’s actually quite sad how he Has been used by the Democratic Party to reach its goals for more power, and changing our country into something we could soon no longer recognize.

Hurricane Harvey, the pandemic, and the recent freeze has made too many people in Aransas County look first to the government for protection and answers, versus looking first at themselves. Our whole society is becoming more dependent, and less independent, which was the trait that paved the trails leading to our country’s greatness, for which we now apologize across the globe.

I wonder what my grandfathers would say if they were alive today?

The other night I was thinking about the Greatest Generation, and what made them so great.

I think the answer is they didn’t have it easy, with government providing for everyone’s needs in an emergency.

Think of our forefathers who settled the land from sea to shining sea. If they weren’t smart, didn’t use common sense, and didn’t think ahead and prepare for what they knew could happen … they died. They were their own safety net, along with friends and neighbors.

There were no cases of bottled water and snacks delivered by HEB and Walmart covered wagons.

People watched out for one another. Younger folks looked out for older folks.

How many of you looked after someone less able after Harvey, during this pandemic, or during the recent freeze?

When was the last time you saw a young man open the door for a woman, or a teenager offer his or her chair to an adult when the adult entered the room?

The basics of right and wrong have left the building.

God was in our homes and schools at one time. Immigrants learned the English language or fell far behind.

We said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the National Anthem with pride.

There was respect, honor, duty, and all those other things learned in a home with a mom and dad at the helm.

Kids got spanked and now they have a timeout for a period that never lasts as long as originally threatened.

Today we have critical race theory and safe spaces because, someone other than a mom and dad are raising too many children, and quite frankly, we are raising a world full of disrespectful wimps who can’t cope with life, many of whom are confused if they are a boy or girl.

Wonder why that’s happening?

Legislation doesn’t fix what’s ailing our country.

D-Day could never happen in 2021. Too many of our teens, if drafted and forced to defend our country, would cower like whipped puppies the second the ramp of the Higgins landing craft hit the shores, quickly realizing it was real life, and not some stupid mind-rotting video game.

The soldiers in those landing craft would have no idea of its history, or the fact it was born one state away, because our history – the good and the bad – is being erased or replaced with socially appropriate don’t offend anyone garbage that only ensures we will, one day, repeat our own history.

Real racism will never be recognized when it actually occurs because every White American is a racist. If you say you’re not racist, you’re a racist. That is absolutely asinine, but that is the message underlying many government policies and laws approved today.

We don’t know who is a girl or a boy and who cares about Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts … just put them all together. Everyone is equal and the same, from strength of body and mind, to genital makeup.

God had no idea what He was doing. We know so much more than He ever did because a small minority in our country are now “woke”.

Equal Justice under the law is non-existent in most corners of our society, not just in the black corner.

Every life matters in the eyes of God, and we’ve managed to tell God to go to hell in too many ways.

Government, courtrooms, and causes are now our gods of choice.

I fear what the future holds for our country, much more than I fear COVID-19.

If what I’ve written this week made you mad, so be it. Write a letter to the editor! I won’t cancel you. At least here free speech is king.

Until next week, have a good week.

Mike Probst can be reached at publisher@rockportpilot.com.

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