Dear editor:

I am a dedicated reader of The Rockport Pilot. That doesn’t mean, however, that I always agree with your editorial, but your editorial in the Pilot (Sept. 23) I do agree with.

I was very impressed with your editorial and do agree that perhaps it is time for people to pay attention to all the events that have and are taking place in 2020. I am a Christian (not necessarily a Bible thumping Christian), but I do believe in religion being a very important issue (whatever religion a person follows).

I first want to say I agree with you and that perhaps now is a good time to look at and reference the Bible to understand what is really going on in our world today.

Especially paying attention to the Book of Revelations and what is taught there. It may help ease a person’s worries and concerns by reading what has been foretold in the Book of Revelations.

Thank you for your observations in you editorial.


Ernie Kerlick

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