Dear editor:

This (is a) thank you for your opinion article on March 24, 2021.

My approximate age is evident since your comments mirror my feelings about essentially every topic you mentioned.

You wrote, “The basics of right and wrong have left the building”, which summarizes your article and those 10 words say a lot about our country and much of American citizenry!

You are correct that the media and our politics have demeaned us.  We no longer win humbly or lose graciously.  Will we ever have an American President instead of a Democrat or Republican?

Your comments about opening doors and offering your seat to another person exemplifies the way most of my generation was raised, but not so today. Respecting others, especially our elders, was a trait taught by my late mother and father, and it is an honor to them to continue that practice.

Your headline addresses WWII soldiers and the dedication and resolve they demonstrated.  You neglected to point out that professional athletes and movie actors signed up to serve, putting our country ahead of their lives and careers. That would not happen today!

Thanks again for expressing your thoughts and opinions.

Bill Todd

P.S. - Being a few years older then you, another armed conflict in our country’s history played a significant role in my life.

All of my friends and I were affected by “the draft” during the Vietnam War, which affected our lives and subsequent careers.  Some of them died and they are missed greatly. You took a full course schedule, maintained an acceptable GPA, had four years to complete your degree, or got drafted.

You were drafted after graduation anyway, but could avoid serving by getting married! Sons of the wealthy and influential, politicians for example, avoided the draft through various means, never served our country, but ran for office at the highest levels of our government.

Some of our young people today want a “gap” year to travel some foreign country before entering real life. They should enlist in our Armed Forces, serve their country, and form true lifelong friendships.

Lastly, today college athletes expect to be paid for playing a game, not for pursuing an education, but will abandon their school of choice at any time for the chance at a professional sports contract.  None of them leave to serve in our Armed Forces.

Dear editor:

I wrote a letter to Governor Abbot two weeks ago, telling him that if President Biden wants the illegals so badly they should live where he lives.

We should put them on buses and take them to D.C.  It was interesting to see Mr. John Bridges thinks the same as I do from his letter in the March 17 issue of your newspaper.

Helen F. Hough

Dear editor:

I’m 75 and have never written a letter to the editor, but felt compelled to do so after I read your editorial on another “D-Day”.  You managed to capture my feelings exactly in a very succinct, well composed manner. I have always been more of a midifyer than an originalist.

A few years ago I heard a great toast on the TV show Blue Bloods. It was a toast for a fallen police officer and given by Tom Selleck.  I modified it for some of my past friends. I also made a card and placed it in the container of the ashes of my two best four legged friends.

I thought of this toast after reading your editorial and wanted to pass this on to you. I’ll make the exception that you are still looking at the rose petals and not the roots:

We are all just passing time,

And occupying our life very briefly.

The time we have with Mike is a gift,

And we are all the better that he occupies his life so well.

Well done Mike.


Wayne Wageman

Dear editor:

I am a winter Texan having spent my very first season in Rockport. I made the decision to abandon the overcrowded and pricey Gulf coast of Florida in favor of the unknown of Rockport, TX. I started enjoying your editorial piece when I arrived in the area at the end of December. Your words about local issues and most notably, the aftermath of the big storm, were so enjoyable and informative. It helped me to become acquainted with the local perspective.

I looked forward to them every week! “Dad’s emails” from this past week was particularly charming and hysterical.

I will miss your weekly musings and look forward to next winter season when I will find myself sitting in a beach chair at Rockport Beach (or hunkered down under piles of blankets waiting out another historic storm) chuckling, contemplating, and enjoying your words.


Kelli Moreno

Youngstown, OH

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