FNB's 100th anniversary

This picture of the staff of First National Bank was taken 30 years ago on the bank’s 100th anniversary in 1991.

Last week was a busy one in our home, as well as in the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

My wife and I, along with the aid of our two daughters (splitting time) to help during Camp Nani/Poppie, entertained six very lively grandchildren – three of which are still in diapers.

Needless to say, we were pooped (pun intended) after the eight-day marathon.

This year marked the “sixth edition” of camp.

It takes a lot of effort, but effort that is well worth it. The memories made are priceless, and thank the man upstairs for digital photography or the film bill alone would have busted the budget.

Probably the biggest challenge for me each year is getting the two editions of the newspaper out during the night after everyone has gone to bed.

I won’t lie. By the time Friday rolls around each camp this counselor is exhausted (after putting the weekend edition to bed), and my wife “allowed” me to sleep in real late.

The planned activities on themed days - which is 100% my wife’s idea, and she loves it – never leaves a dull moment.

From beach day with the wave runner, to Dude Perfect Day, taking full advantage of our local parks, putting together puzzles, playing board games, as well as laser tag, and art projects … and of course creative fort making, Hot Wheels layouts, Lincoln Log projects, baking cookies and cupcakes, and S’Mores on the last night - we keep them (and us) running pretty much the entire time.

The older three grands get to stay up as late as they want each night, but only one of them made it “almost to 11 p.m.” watching E.T. one night.

I’m known for “Poppie’s popcorn” and providing Pringles, which their mothers don’t particularly care for (the Pringles) … but there’s a price to pay when you get free babysitting!!!

Only a few stomachs got upset … but I’m blaming that on the heat and the constant running in and out of the house, of course, not at the same time.

Pringles are a primary food source.

Longhorns, Sooners ‘welcomed’ to SEC

Speaking of a primary food source. The SEC just got a lot bigger, and will get quite fat monetarily, now that it will soon include 16 football teams, many of them highly ranked year in and year out.

I’m glad to see we will play t.u. again on an annual basis.

It’s good for college football.

However, the NCAA rules changes and state laws that went into effect July 1 opened the door for college athletes to sell the rights to their names, images and likenesses for the first time.

I’m not saying it’s wrong, but I think it will change the college game I love forever.

There’s no way locker rooms can be what they are today when one of your teammates is pulling down a cool million dollars, and his teammate in the locker next to him is making squat.

In some cases, the players will make more than an assistant coach. And, there will come a day when some player earns more than his head coach.

The college game will soon be more like the NFL, and I dislike the NFL, and most pro sports for that matter, because of all the “social justice statements” and fake “wokeness” of corporate America.

I miss the old days.

Remember playing for the love of the game … and attending a sporting event to escape?

Old bank memory

A former employee of First National Bank (now Wells Fargo, umpteen name changes later), dropped off the picture shown on this page. It’s from the bank’s 100 anniversary celebration in 1991.

Many of the people in the photo are no longer with us, but man those were the days in banking. You know, when you actually knew the people in the bank (because you had to go inside) … and they knew you!

Banking has definitely changed, college football is about to change drastically, and our grands are changing every minute.

Let’s not even start talking about our country.

Until next week, have a good week … next week will be different, for sure!

Mike Probst can be reached at publisher@rockportpilot.com.

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